‘love Sunshine About’ Episode 10, Germany Xin Tien Khanh, Mr. Hung Scolded His Wife For Bullying Daughter-in-law

Germany was scolded for asking for 7 million to buy bicycles while the hero is facing Ms. Hien because of bullying in 'Sunny Day about' Episode 10.0: 00/1: 27 nam 00: 00/02: 16In episode 10 Sunny day waves tonight, 6/12, Germany (Hong Dang) Calling Khanh (Lan Phuong) said she transferred 7 million to buy a bicycle to give a boss's birthday because she was looking at the department. Khanh was uncomfortable on his face, asking if the husband today is what birthdays are born everywhere. At that moment, I heard that an old employee suddenly quit his job

. Bach (Quang Trong) immediately nominated Van to do in her excitement. In another development, Viet (Do Duy Nam) suddenly heard the "sensitive" conversation of Duy (Dinh Tu) and Page (Huyen Lizzie) involved the shirt stripping the day before waiting for the elevator. Viet also caught me to bring the cafe to the boss extremely intimate
In the meantime, Ms. Hien (NSND Lan Huong) was raised by Mr. Hung (NSND Trung Anh). "She participated in the other team that thought didn't escape, was not a moment with the nostril. Now it's a century now but also arrested my daughter-in-law to serve her parents. This word onwards, If she took my child's money, my pension was my pension with the royalties she didn't move on. "How is Hien react to your husband? Does Khanh transfer money to Germany? Will still do in Quan Phong? Vietnam will boss news dating with only? Detailed movements of sunny days about episode 10 to tonight, 6/12 on VTV3.

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