Love Taste: Diep Died And Died In Love With The ‘department Of Khanh’ Suffered A Violent Response

Diep's blind love (Bich Ngoc) for Dung 'Department of Khanh' (Sy Hung) in the 'Flavor ", causing many inventory audiences, booA.0: 00/2: 17Nam Southern lovely love of Diep was not charged with the three-episodes of the film, the affection of Diep (Bich Ngoc) was more exploited. She was discovered by Phuong Nam (Phuong Oanh) to be sneaky to the company to see Dung remotely. Diep Thai for her love that three years ago but never forgotten, that only loves me Dung. Wearing for men to advise it, scold the mine nor left the ears

. Diep's craziest action is to erase the mole to be confident with the Dung.Diep tried to execute, also drag the love of Long-nam to compare very limbs in episode 14, because trying to protect love His, Diep also brought Long-Nam's love comparable, said that the past three years men did not forget Long, that the two Spring-Bich mothers did not have the opportunity to look at each other like Mrs. Bich with her SA
Diep truly loves to lover, the feelings of Long-Nam are love from both sides. Male actively left the Long part because of the situation with his family, the bigger part because he had to go to exports to pay the debt repayment for Ms. Bich, so that his mother and diep did not lose the house. The audience's comment Dieutenant moles to approach Dung: "Oh Diep's regretfulness with Dung is unable to understand", "Diep's feelings are too unreasonable", "Diep with Dung is not love, is stupid ". When Diep has a lot of sacks at the construction site, the audience has funny, "Dad dad in the sky is sacred," after the accident will be smart, "hope" After this time the Diep brain regained consciousness to think: Nationwide Nobody wanted to see because she was blind with 'Rotten cool' ". Funny comment audience about Diep's accident is rare," Because of love " However, however, Diep Diep died love - who never gave me love, without any sincerity - the audience couldn't "digest". It was by Dung and Ms. Sa (Thu Hanh) that used to make his mother Diep almost riveted because of prison crimes, races. Dung used to spread any words to hurt. Messages, words with Diep wings for Diep when they are acquainted over the network are not honest, just clichés according to the formula he releases hearing with dozens of other beautiful appearances
Beautifully, the brave not to escape the majority of the audience commented under the articles, trailers "fertilizing" with pictures of Diep-Dung are not regret to boo this love affection. Only a few audiences are optimistic and humanitarian as that thanks to Diep that Dung 'Department of Khanh' will turn to change because of the family, become mature, sincere to love Diep. This if it happened, it was extremely convincing because she was too cold. Because even the male turned around with Long was not entirely supported by the audience, because the Long Family had hurt men too much.

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