Love Taste: Ms. Xuan Has Almost Drowned Back And He Was Beaten By Her Mother

Being saved after almost drowned but just came home, Ms. Xuan was rushed by her mother-in-law to relapse because the disease was relapse, causing the whole family to rush into the can.00: 00: 16trailer Episode 35 of 'Huong The "Part 2. Source: Source: VTV 34 of the" Flavor Taste "Part 2 The most fever is the dance scene of Ms. Xuan suicide

. Specifically, because too embarrassed with her husband because he was duined by a friend, Ms. Xuan left the letter of apology Mr. Khang and removed
Spring call her mother to express her desire to go abroad with the family, so But, his mother refused. Too desperately because the intestinal family was not accepting himself, while his husband's family made her feel lost, alone, so Ms. Xuan danced suicide. Fortunately, Khang and the children arrived in time. The spring was desperate because the mother's mother and husband's house were unable to save lives but when he got home, Ms. Xuan was gradually disappointed by her. The whole family had to stop. Witnessing the tragic of his wife, Mr. Khang felt sorry and regreted for treating Ba Xuan. It was known, after episode 34, the trailer of episode 35 was also posted
The clip revealed the scene he was born to find a dog battle and discovered clues. Everyone is nervous not knowing the only mandarinist for him or lost.

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