Love Taste P2 Episode 16: Long Is Actively Intimate With Men, Asking The Mother Does Not Make It Difficult

Huanglong (Manh Truong) bluntly asked her Xuan (Quach Thu Phuong) not to seek to meet Southern (Phuong Oanh), nor cause difficulties for South anymore. 'Flavor body' part 2 episode 16 broadcasts 21h night 18/8 on VTV1.0: 00/3: 28 namlong domains actively hug the male, review the story of the past tears when welting Diep the daughter Run home lose, arrive at the place where Diep is eating fruits. Want Mrs. Bich to be angry, Diep was tonic to Ms

. Bich. Unfortunately Missing Male Meeting Male Make Ms. Bich to go to the Dinh Dinh, and throw the whole medicine but later regret of bringing out
Where are "dogs". The junius said he didn't know, but the torture brought this hand threatened. The juniors of tons seeking battle, causing him to hide. He chased Chien Born "dog" out of the house. The "dog" war said that he was with him as a debt. "You chase me, I will tell you a male, he is his father. Then watching the enemies both old and it has to take his child, "said the battle." The dog "threatens Mr. Sinh. Nam had to tell the salary to spend the intention of pursuing Diep, because even if he wants to go into but Diep doesn't want to
Receive Dung's message (Sy Hung), Diep Diêu worshiped to the curb. Parents to pick them up, yelled at his son Ye when a play in the slide, preschool teacher was standing out on the pavement. Flat Panus panic. At that moment, the child fell to the soil rolling around and rolled into the hospital. Bich Bich Bich Bac instinted M Coinstone, so I wanted to see Bich Bich Bich blame to prompted to bleach the mole, so Diep me met. The baby is okay but the family wants to bind irresponsulted Diep. The principal advised Diep to visit the baby and spoke to the family. Ms. Bich still accustomed to the old habit that Diep was not received wrongly, while the rich family blamed the rich family had money easily. She also presented a deceitable way to deny the daughter. The number of children in distress was the partner of Long so Diep's stories were resolved smoothly according to Nam-Diep sisters to visit the baby to fall, Ms. Bich Mong Five mouth tens to prevent Diep. Ye also sincere confession, the boy quickly ran well in the game pulled Diep. Coincidentally knew with the baby's parents, so he also spoke for Diep. Long asked Nam why he knew it. "When I care about a person, I don't know", Long jokes. "There is a condition to avoid it," Ms. Bich ran to happily when he saw Long stood next to the south. Knowing Long didn't go to the car so Mrs. Bich arranged right away to take the south about.Long actively healed in the situation forced to take Long on a motorbike. Sitting in the car, said Long pretended South gallop and Men hugged. Holding Long Long and pretending to ask the South to slow down. Whether it is driving a motorbike but the South is determined to ask Long to let go. Long didn't take his hand right away, waiting until men reminded the third time, even with a silent male, and sworded the story as a gift. Long was happy to catch gold when the two ran through the Ho Long jump down to save men because of her suicide. "Who suspected to pick up the song", Long jokes. Long Bao maybe he must have since then, he said he had never lentrid with women like that. Male asked Long Don't repeat the old story, she didn't remember anything. Long answer, he deliberately cheerfully reminds nho.Long temperate South but South-faced old story as kemNam suddenly stopped his car, angry talk for Long to go back to but reminisce about old times. "I remember that everything was not crazy," Nam asked. Men's Italy is a lot of girls, with each person who happened so much. Long jokes to press the finger counting, the male is angry and reclaiming the helmet and leaves the spring. Long-standing house gate is equal to. She wooped Long watching it was right to go out with Nam, Long admitted. She recalled how the Russian Spring, Long react again reiterated that Russia was about to end. "Finish to move forward, not shocking to return," Ms. Xuan was angry. Long statement will decide on its own. Long also asked her from now not to find, making it difficult for men.

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