Loving Girlfriends Do Not Know Pineapple Peeling, The Boy Quickly Rescued ‘2 Goals Saw’ Makes People Leaning Up

Pineapple peel is a very simple and normal job but is a 'maximum challenge' with awkward girlfriends.0 pm / 5: 11 south with modern girlfriends, female public is The work they feel strange. Simply because many of you are wrapped by my parents, from your baby to large, mainly worry about learning and career. It was also because she didn't pay attention to the female work, the kitchen should come when he came to his boyfriend's house, they encountered many trouble laughing at tears. The girlfriend does not know whipping pineapple, the big boy saves' Seeing here, on a group of groups that attract a lot of users, a user named D

.M has confided its affection. It is known that in the launch of the lover, the girl is assigned to the mission of pineapple peeling. Pineapple peeling is a very normal, simple job but is the maximum 'challenge' with this girlfriend
Seeing lovers who are not finished Pineapple, the boy decides to go out to buy 2 pineapple pineapple ready to 'save' for lover. (Artwork) higher hand, to avoid lover and also My wife later had a long pineapple, he pretended to pain stomach when eating pineapple so she didn't buy pineapple anymore. Pineapple stories are enough to tell this guy's affection with his clumsy lover. The confession of this user: "I told you to listen, it's today I'm about to release the lover's house. After lunch, my parents loved to watch the movie and he and he went down to the kitchen cleaning. I'm washing the dishes, I heard the girl told down: - Morning, I just bought a pineapple of my mother, Pineapple season This eating sweetly! Oh my god, I have finished listening to my face. From my mother's father to give me a pineapple every time. I don't look at the pineapple back to look at my lover. It also understood the idea of being able to encourage: "I kept trying to see you as well." So I closed my eyes closed my nose to handle the pineapple, and my lover for a moment to turn to ask: " I, done yet you "go to the bowel sauce
I have a pineapple like rhyme piggy, finished looking down my lover looks like a pineapple:" This is an artwork I ah. But his mother didn't know anything about art, stopping him to worry. "That's the face, my face is distorted, but the image still grinned with me." Let me borrow the sunscreen, you Run out a little lane, sit still waiting for me. "He wrapped a pineapple into the shirt, ran out told her to go to buy a phone card. The later returns to the kitchen, leaving the shirt I went down to the table and pulled out a pineapple that made it smoothly. He winked: "Seeing you're smart" Huhu At that time I lights up like drowning up, I kissed the likely but still : "Missing the next meal I came to me, I called me Pineapple?" He pinched her cheeks: "Don't worry about you already have a way." Looks. A moment later Naturally loves you to let your stomach ache, the old face grimaces to the crime and he runs the toilet. The whole house has been afraid of being afraid of, like the type of food poisoning. Going to the face of the red nose flushed with the water. Moe asked: "What is the light to eat miscellaneous?" ão still grimaces: "I eat anything, I'm sure to eat pineapple. "- The whole family is okay! - Maybe the child is not suitable, the abdominal is uncomfortable too next time do not buy pineapple anymore. Uh and then call the two of them on the room for him to rest. The room was just closed, he returned to always a common face. I looked at him with her eyes, laughing: "I just fake it, I have to plant bananas in the WC house so that the blood gives me a real face, but you eat a sophy pineapple. His mother or his mother only needed something that makes him uncomfortable as the mother to dodge. Before you eat jellyfish, the allergy is allergic to 6 years, what is your mother and I don't have to go. " I was so touched by you ah. At the time of the previous one just saw the young man who didn't think he was so smart. At first to look at the pineapple, I thought my love would end up the carpet. It was also a man who only needed them to love me wholeheartedly, I will find ways to protect yourself for yourself. I think no matter how hard the situation is, my mother-in-law is difficult but just understanding sympathy with me like that, sure is not too hard to keep. "(Screenshot) Lines The confide of this user immediately attracted the attention of a large number of users. Many people praise this guy are quick and smart to know how to 'save' for lovers. But users Other also advised her to study the homework to get better with her husband's house in the life of life. "Why must I have a headache against my mother in the future? If you want to tell me, my girlfriend has not yet pineapple peeling your mother to give you an ideal ", an older user commented." He loved worth of rice bowls ", another user. Help your girlfriend score absolute points on the day of arresting, neatly launched, girlfriends don't need to be too sophisticated to costume clothes but don't leave

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