Luckily Because Mother-in-law Psychology

When I was married, I questioned myself: 'Why do my wife and mother scramble to win the heart of the man?' Both represent different types of love and should have their own positions in the heart of the man.When have not married, I questioned themselves: "Why do my wife and mother have to pain Win the heart of the man? ". This is very unreasonable, because I think, both represent different types of love and should have their own positions in the heart of this man. Location of a wife. I know how to accept things that are not as expected: My husband's snoring several times made me wake up at night, your unexpected meals makes me busy all day

. If married to another person, can your life quite better? " But in the end, I understand that all I am having is selected by heart. Perhaps, my mother-in-law is the same. Looking at how she quietly worked, accepted and satisfied with the current life, I felt I was having a companion
Thanks to her, I understand that, to have a warm family, the right members Spend time with each other, but still ensure enough distance to not interfering with each other's own life. There are times, the mother-in-law once told me: "When I do anything, even small, But if you are made with the heart, I will see the immortal devotion to the enemy. At that time, the annoyance, uncomfortable, more losing in the child would disappear. "From when I was about to be strawberry, she was not once loud, heavy with me even though I was sometimes awkward, even made Many things are broken. Once, she told me as if telling her daughter: "I am not ingenious but getting obediently, saying to listen and also try my best to be called strawberry." Her makes me touched and grateful. She is also the inspirational person so I want me to be good every day. She still plays the role of the main chef in the family, giving me the role of a assistant. There are days, is cooking badly, there is a problem to run out, I told me to look like a pot of bones, seeing it a boil Come down to her. I sat looking forever, waiting forever and saw the water boiled
I ran out the sofa, Dinh lay ak for a moment, 5 minutes later woke up with the kitchen. Who suspected, my 5 minutes turned into a few hours. Seeing the burning smell, my husband ran down to see a new drying pot of water, black fire. After that unwanted incident, I was extremely worse, so I was more determined to revise myself. After a period of time being taught by her mother-in-law, he was hard to learn, I knew everything. Therefore, my mother-in-law has a moment to rest. It's boldly proposed the meal menu and changed some of the family members' habits: "From tomorrow I will get up It was early to prepare the box for Dad and Mr. Huan to work. Feeding outside do not guarantee hygiene and nutrition! " Being very clever and existed. I also showed special love with my husband by placing heart-shaped pea, without forgetting to attach a boiled egg with a hidden message written with chili sauce: "Special rewards". At noon that day, I just fed and low rambling waiting for my husband's feedback, surely opening the lunch box, he would be surprised and happy. But wait until the end of the afternoon. The range still didn't see anything. I wanted to go home to work, just saw me, he was straightened: "Don't know what you have done something that gets a reward." This, every time someone reminds Arriving at me, the mother-in-law smiled: "I'm a little better but cute!"

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