Luckily With 2 Mothers

After 45 years of sticking to my family, Aunt Mai decided it was time to leave. Because of this, all of us are very sad. But we also knew that she was old, she needs to rest. Without aunt on the side, we still feel lucky and grateful to Dì.0: 00/3: 32 narrays illustrate me passing my college when I'm 17 years old

. He decided to live at the dormitory to save costs. At that time, a young girl named Mai and her boyfriend was also working here. Their daily work is cleaning, washing dishes, cooking and serving meals
Graduated from university, my parents married and moved abroad to live for about 5 years. I was born at the time they returned to Vietnam, creating a long life here. At that time, my mother desperately needed a maid. Acquaintances introduced my mother a woman who could help her to do home. That was Mai Mai, who used to work at the student dormitory. My parents are happy to receive her right away. Mai quickly became a member of our family. She not only worked for money, but really, she was there for us. She could cook the best and bridge dishes, cleaning the house clean, especially, she never lied to us. The whole house called her with the exacerbulous name "Aunt Mai"
With me, Aunt Mai is like a second mother. We love and precious aunt. Aunt is also the one who witnesses my lack of time. Only aunties tolerate a spouse, confusing actions and my powder. Later, entered the love stage, Aunt was always beside me to encourage me. When I was mature, married and gave birth, Mother and Mat Mai took each other to support me. The times when I was difficult, deadlocked, they gave advice to help me calm down. I feel lucky because I have these two mothers. This, more stable economy, my husband wants to leave. But for me, Aunt Mai is still a very important part. When I was born, I decided urged my mother to pick me me and I returned to care. Aunt taking care of me very carefully. A week after birth, I still didn't let me take a bath, the window in the room always played silly, I still hid my phone, I didn't give me my hand on ... my best gesture was aunt and mother Watch closely. At the end of the month, I give me a different mode. In the morning, while I was so drunk, I called a blessing: "Wake up, he needs to eat early". My sleepy time did not have a blanket, rolled the curtain, opening the window to make me with the flute. Maybe, I couple: "Why do I wake you up soon? It is sleeping,". Aunt explained: "Children need to get up early to eat, can't two meals, harm a stomach." The sweet time was quickly finished. Husband picked me up and son home to stabilize life. I can only meet your parents and aunt every weekend. Aunt behaves with my child as if he was a grandmother of the boy. Finally, after 45 years of sticking to my family, Aunt Mai decided it was time to leave. Because of this, all of us are very sad. But we also knew that she was old, she needs to rest. Without aunt beside, we still feel lucky and grateful. We visited my aunt on birthdays. Currently, Aunt has been an old woman who has many wrinkles on his face, white silver hair but his eyes still sparkling and loved lovingly. Every time I met, I hugged aunt for athleties for athletic, the stem feeling like I was in my mother. I came tears every time I remembered that the three generations live in a narrow house. Whatever difficult, she was always there, loving, caring and protecting us. Thanks to aunt's encouragement, I became strong and mature to yield this. With my family, she has never been a hired employee but a real member of the family.

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