Lucky Woman After Ronaldo’s Goal Shot

While starting before the match, Cristiano Ronaldo was hit by a female employee that made her fall to the ground and needed the care of the medical team on the field. This morning (September 15), Manchester United received a counter-loss of 1-2 in front of Young Boys in the first match of the Famp Champions League table. In the start of the game, Ronaldo was a noisy when it fell into a goal away. Employees do on the field. The woman fell to the ground stunned and the medical team immediately approached to make sure she was fine

. The trial made Ronaldo confused ashamed. Photo: ReutersRonaldo also jumps over the fence to quickly considering the situation of the woman. She seemed a bit painful and stunned but later recovered
After knowing this employee was okay, Ronaldo returned to the yard continuing to start. In the pregnancy with the sewing for female employees. After the siren in the match, Ronaldo gave his No. 7 shirt to the woman as an apology. She laughed, showing off Ronaldo's symbolic No. 7 shirt and Manchester United.Ronaldo could definitely deflect the target while practicing but on the field. In this match, the 36-year-old Portuguese Superstar Cristiano Ronaldo scored the opening scoring for MU after Bruno Fernandes' assientity in the 13th minute. However, the red card of Wan-Bissaka was wrong to slopy of Jesse Lingard made MU reversed Young Boys. With creating the court in this match, Ronaldo himself also leveled a record in the Champions League of the former teammate in Real Madrid's shirt was goalkeeper Iker Casillas
Both currently have the largest number of courses in the Champions League playground with the same 181 matches. Lucky woman smiling showing Ronaldo's No. 7 shirt. Photo: The Snurn The remaining Battle of Table F Champions League, Villarreal has Hoa Atalanta with 2-2 billion. So after the first match, the weakest rated team Young Boys suddenly led the table with 3 points, Villarreal and Atalanta with 1 point in the next two positions, and Manchester United stood at the bottom of the table. Ronaldo's hitting the ball went to Ronaldo: Ronaldo hit the ball, the woman fell to the ground. Photo: ReutersRonaldo immediately jumps over the fence to check the situation while other employees quickly ran to woman support. Photo: ReutersRonaldo graciously asked a woman. Photo: Reuters The radiant and very "teen" woman showing off Ronaldo. Photo: Reuters Pham Quang

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