Lukaku Is The Essential Piece For Chelsea

The Stamford Bridge team understood what Romelu Lukaku could bring and be willing to spend a large amount of money to bring the Belgian striker back to 9: 00/5: 07 NanchelSea domain is said to have the intention of spending 150 Million Euro to recruit Erling Haaland from Dortmund and paid the Norwegian striker of £ 26 million per year. However, this deal does not happen. Instead, the Stamford Bridge team persuaded Inter Milan to cede Romelu Lukaku for £ 97 million. The 28-year-old striker received a salary of half of Chelsea numbers expected to pay Haaland. Economic, Chelsea had a reason to renounce Haaland and take Lukaku back to Stamford Bridge

. However, they also received more from the Belgian striker.Chelsea benefit much after taking Lukaku back to Stamford Bridge. Photo: Getty Images
Keeping a transfer principle in many years, Chelsea does not contact Mino Raiola representatives and the clients of this "Super". To recruit Raiola's players, the teams must accept the big amount to lose their hands. "The Blues" (Chelsea's nickname) understands that Raiola troubles can bring it if they mean the representative. So, they do not intend to bet with stability in the changing room. Some clubs believe that Raiola players are represented by the representative, worthy of large amounts. However, Chelsea did not give that. The Stamford Bridge team only accepted to put on the negotiating table with the right amount of a player's value, not so that the "super stork" shouted too high. Haaland's case is for example. Dortmund's striker was not old enough to drink alcohol in the US, but wanted to get the highest salary at Chelsea, double the World Cup World Cup N'Golo Kante.Chelsea did not accept that
They don't want to give a huge rookie for new rookies to Stamford Bridge and have no contributions. So, Chelsea decided to recruit Lukaku instead of the Norwegian boy.Chelsea is a big club and doesn't want to become a stopper stop of a player. Haaland has never expressed intense love with Chelsea and wants to move to Stamford Bridge. He only accepted to join "The Blues", because no teams are willing to spend a large amount of money as Dortmund's request and the Raiola.Chelsea representative understands this. They do not want to spend money and pay high payments for the player who is said to have no long-term attention to themselves right from the time when he arrives in London.Lukaku completely contrary to Haaland. Belgian striker is Chelsea's enthusiastic fans from a young age. Many times Lukaku expressed his feelings with Didier Drogba, the British always considered an idol. When he had a chance, he was willing to return to the team in his heart.Lukaku clearly understood Chelsea. He used to play the ball at Stamford Bridge when he was a young player. The appearance of the 28-year-old striker will help the internal "The Blues" to add solidarity, creating a platform to conquer the titles.Lukaku actively practiced and acquainted with new teammates. Photo: Getty Images.Vai of Lukaku who can deny Lukaku's current level. The Belgian striker is the classic Chinese model, but possesses a smart, modern game. At the age of 28, Lukaku won Serie A with Inter Milan, which is not easy when this tournament has the presence of " The ruler "Juventus and Super Star Cristiano Ronaldo. He became the most discussed player in the Belgian history (64 goals after 98 matches) and more than 100 screens of the enemy mesh in the Premier League.Lukaku continuously "shooting" in West Bromwich shirt, Everton or Man United. "Forest elephant" (Lukaku's nickname) is often criticized during Man United shirt. However, he still had more than 20 goals. At Inter Milan, Lukaku combined with Lautaro Martinez to become the killer duo. In addition to directing 30 goals, Lukaku also owns 10 assists in the 2020/21 season (according to Transfermarkt). Now, the fans expect him to do the same thing when she went by side with Timo Werner, striker with a speed-rich play like Martinez. Not only Werner, many Chelsea's other players can leave a marker thanks Appearance of Lukaku. Hakim Ziyech, Kai Havertz, Mason Mount can provide multiple creations or directly score when playing around former Inter Milan stars in the near future.Chelsea owns many young players and has many young players The name is walking across the slope of the career. Mount and Reece James are about 100 times the "The Blues". Callum Hudson-Odoi is ready for the explosive season. Havertz is becoming more and more confident under the leaders of Thomas Tuchel. N'Golo Kante, Marcos Alonso also hit the 30-year-old. The Stamford Bridge team does not need a young player like Haaland. A face that is reaching the nine of the career, is still desirable to prove that itself is Chelsea's perfect choice now. Lukaku's appearance helps Chelsea become C

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