Luong Manh Hai Suddenly Declared Thuy Tien Without A Door To Sing ‘white Snow Dream’ After 12 Years?

The status line of strong Luong Hai about Thuy Tien makes people pay attention! 0:00 / 1: 23 nam nuoiNam, Luong Manh Hai suddenly posted a status on the personal page with a photo shared with the general model of Thanh Hang supermodel And actor British Letter is shared by the actor again. Posted on the personal page of Luong Manh Hai Accordingly, actor said the trio's shooting moment was at the time of the film. The tropical snow television launched in 2006 is no different from the old age group of the buttocks. The image of the strong salary is shared and reused there, Luong Manh Hai is humorous to know if director Vu Ngoc has been for Both three dreams of snowy dreams are definitely Thuy Tien .

.. will "no door" shows that song. Sharing with the humor of Luong Manh Hai aims at Thuy Tien, causing fans to be extremely interested
The white snow dream - The main OST of the film also thus plays an important role, contributing to increasing the effect of the movie. Thickly, the tropical snow is a tourist drama launched in 2006, and is also one of the few drama works according to the movement of God's affection that is becoming a trend at that time. . Besides, the white snow dream song - OST's main film through a deep voice of Thuy Tien contributing to increasing the effects of tropical snow becomes a "fever" drama 15 years ago. This is also a familiar song every time the audience mentioned Thuy Tien, especially the 8x-9x generation, when the time the Audition game is very popular at that time, just log in are the tunes of the sleep The white snow dreamed by the female singer also creates an unforgettable anniversary until now. It is also a very "hot" name at that time. Don't forget to track the SaoSar to update these Latest information about Thuy Tien! Nostalgic-ctv

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