Luong Trieu Vy – Luu Gia Linh: 33 Years Without Using The Toilet

Although Couple Luong Trieu Vy - Luu Gia Linh has a personality, the preferences are contrary, but both are still happy together with each other. After 20 years of dating, the two have moved to marriage in 2008, so far they have 33 years together and currently do not have children. However, this is also a strange couple, unlike many other "model" couples, especially during the life of the living time they do not use the toilet. On TVB, Luu Gia Linh ever revealed She liked that she was clean and tidy and he commune was sloppy, go to work often throw every place one place, wear dirty clothes to sleep. So both use the toilet and clean up for more than 30 years together

. The U60 actress said gradually saw the bathroom of tidy tidal wages, cleaner. She said: "Maybe he learns me this point." The actress always lives her husband to freely and doesn't force him to change habits
Even financially both independently independent. Spirituals said this lifestyle is quite suitable for the two spouses. Both feel comfortable when giving each other separate space, accepting each other's disadvantages and never asking the other to change habits and personality. Although it also regularly quarreled, the war was cold together, but she and Luong Trieu Vy had figured a way to behave so that the sides felt comfortable. Thich Yen province and the commune is eager to be excited. During the past 30 years, male actor rarely goes to the night while the commune is regularly partying. Once, she led Wang Africa and some of the friends who went home, the tidal wage was concerned to communicate, only in the room. From there, to avoid bothering her husband, Luu Gia Linh does not lead friends home. The actress said she was used to silent wage, often thinking alone or sometimes abroad to live for several months. She chose to ignore it until her husband actively talked again
About the job, 5 years, Luu Gia Linh also managed her work. The actress in charge of the contract negotiation of Luong Trieu Vy came to the house such as repairing the room, TV ... sometimes she felt like a mother who always had to spoil, covering the wage Trieu Vy. In 2016, in the Hunan TV's Idol UP program, the actress recounted: "When I fix the house, my husband will pull the suitcase away. When the house was finished, arranging furniture was finished, he had just returned. "MC asked:" So you have to sacrifice much to keep marriage? ", Luu Gia Hoi replied:" Not sacrificed, But we all endure each other. The husband also accepted my disadvantages. In marriage, some people prayed to their husband or wife, but actually, the other is suffering from you. " Knowing during the dating, the couple overcame the shock when Liu Gioi was kidnapped and raped. When Luu Gia met with the incident, Luong Trieu Vy canceled all the work. Once told his partner: "The entertainment village was too complicated, let's go. Where do you want to go, you follow it." In Talkshow on QQ in 2018, Luu Gia Linh said: "He gave me the power passing Two times of that trampling. Luong Trieu Vy like the mountain for me to rely on. No matter how this world is, I'm not afraid, because I have a person to rely ". Vy is sticking to rumors who must be happy and female Bearing the rumors, Luu Gia Linh said: "What I know is just a rumor in the press. If he really likes Truong Manh Ngoc, I will congratulate him. Man is an outstanding actor ". Luong Trieu Vy also said: "We are together for decades, and any waves haven't met. Such whispering words often appear. For me, okay ".u60, both spouses pursue their own passion. Luong Trieu Vy still plays movies, traveling, playing sea sports. On CRHK Radio, False Only said his life was quite self-reliant, with a good film script, if tired, rest. Meanwhile, Ms. Luu Gia Linh commune is filming, making MC in China.Rosa: General

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