Luxurious Moon Cakes With Strange Types Of People Are Attracting Guests

Even during the pandemic Covid-19, but demand for the version most lavish of moon cakes, usually as gifts, have increased throughout noi0: 00/2: 48Nu domain Namo Singapore, where few people can travel during the pandemic, local people have more money to spend. Thus, the moon cakes with the kind of luxury is sold nhanh.Nam this strange, moon cake of Raffles Hotel Singapore leather snow focus on fruit flavors such as chocolate, strawberry out of stock very som.Banh moon "snow skin" of Raffles Hotel Singapore Hotel. Photo: Raffles Hotel SingaporeOng Chien Lin, chief executive pastry chef of the hotel, said that the trend of consumers decide which new services

. 2018, interest in super foods are presented in a moon cake and fruit kernels mong.Nam divided now, consumers have appreciated the "moon cake with fresh fruit flavors." Accordingly, he created new flavors leather collection "snow skin" of the hotel, is made from glutinous rice frozen crust instead of traditional cakes; Similar to Japanese mochi cake, the dishes include flavor Da Li roses and chocolate strawberry flavor tay
Banh snow skin moon Da Li roses and chocolate strawberries. Photo: Raffles Hotel Man Fu Yuan SingaporeTai restaurant in the InterContinental Hotel Singapore, baked mooncakes sold out soon, according to Benjamin Leung, assistant restaurant manager. He talks about the moon cake sales increase compared to the year 2020: "Demand improved significantly and we have big revenues" .In restaurant area Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Hong Kong, Alex Huels, director food and beverage director, said sales increased compared to the previous quarter pandemic. He said, with many people looking for special products, the online store of the hotel are "positive change and growth in sales" .In when mooncakes priced relative Raffles modest, about 78 SGD (58 USD) for a box of four, the expensive version is also popular. A box of moon cake truffle 4 plated 24 karat gold leaf, was offered at 799 SGD in ecommerce site Golden Moments, sold out during the mid-autumn moon Lights nay.Banh of Lady pastry shop -M. Photo: Lady MTai Hong Kong's Peninsula Hotel, Chef Moon Star gift box priced at 2,288 HKD new gazing (294 USD). Cardboard box with red and gold including moon cake custard workers walnuts, figs and lotus mooncakes red kernels
Products have been sold Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore het.Khach also started the trend of using more healthy ingredients. Director General Giovanni Viterale said they were focusing on the type of personnel to enhance immunity and health, such as raspberry and green tea. New flavor is the most popular oolong tea antioxidants with blueberries Vietnamese fruit kho.O American male, moon cakes are also very attractive. In the fourth year, the Japanese pastry shop chain-France Lady M is providing mini cakes, designer Kee Wah Bakery chain, with flavor and chocolate custard. This year, the bakery produces more than mooncakes sold online but they all just over two tuan.Gia Ming

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