Ly Nha Ky: I Hope I Found Sincere Love

Although my daughter is almost 40 years old still unmarried, Ly Nha Ky's mother always expects her daughter to find sincere love, happy life.0: 00/2: 13 Nougu namvu Lan Newspaper is the time Let the children express their gratitude to the Boys. In particular, Ly Nha Ky has caused many people to meet when they build their mother with a 10,000 m2 wide. For actresses, she always wanted to be gracious and reported to the ancestors, giving birth to a parent's fetus. Ly Nha Ky had given a bad mother in the season of hierarchia with reporters, Ly Nha The current revealed period, the biggest gift her mother wishes to be a gubbornly

. However, she didn't "report hieu" with this gift. She promised her to try to bring this gift to her early mother. However, she did not say anything before
"Looking at the youngest daughter is in love with business, building a house that has not been saddown, maybe she still feels worried. I understand that is the common worries of people Make a mother. Although I always respect my decisions. I hope I will find sincere love from a man, "Ly Nha Ky revealed. Put memories in the Vu Lan seasons Past, Ly Nha Ky has always had many emotions. At the end of July every year, she was with her mother to go to the temple. At that time, the family life was not rich but was offered the simple fruit cakes to grandparents, ancestors, her mother still felt warm and happy. Ly Nha Ky was always taught by his mother to teach her Ly Nha Ky was taught by her mother, Vietnamese must always remember the sentence "Public father like Thai Son Mountain - Nghia Mom as water in the source out of the source." The parents' nourness is endless. In any generation, any era, everyone needs to preserve the preferred text of the religion
Her body always wants to give me the best things. Previously, when Ly Nha Ky's father was alive, he was war invalids so his life was hard. At that time, her mother was hard to take care of her husband, I had just taken the economy. Before the death, Ly Nha Ky's father trusted the youngest daughter to care and worry about Mother and the sisters of Ly Nha Ky with the three daughters, the actress found himself done Be promised with three. Her mother once said, happiness none of parenting people is seeing healthy, successful children, living useful for society. "That's what makes me try to strive today. I want my mother to be restored," Ly Nha Ky revealed.

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