Ly Nha Ky Refused The Invitation To Attend Cannes Film Festival Because He Didn’t Feel Happy!

Ly Nha Ky said she was sent by BTC Film Filth Cannes 2021 to send an invitation from June but refused to join.00: 00/2: 08 namlý Nha Ky dominant on the red carpet Cannes 2018 Film Festival (Film Festival) Cannes 2021 officially takes place from July 6 - July 17 at Palais des Festivals et des Congrès, France. This is an opportunity for many artists, celebrities around the world to gather with a skirt Trap. Sharing with Traffic Newspaper, Ly Nha Ky said she was sent by BTC to send an invitation letter from June but refused to participate because the disease situation has not been controlled and many people are affected. " I found myself unwilling a happy skirt with a funny dress that didn't share with the difficulties in the country

. I think it will not go to Cannes this year will go next year and go with the mind more fun. Now, I only Looking forward to the country, Vietnamese people can overcome difficulties and soon come back to normal life, "said 8x beautiful people, Ly Nha Ky still track the opening ceremony of Cannes 2021 remotely through the remote Communication channel. Some pictures of Ly Nha Ky at Canneslý Nha Ky Film Festival attended Cannes Film Festival for the first time in 2013
Each time in the red carpet of this prestigious international event, she impressed private dress shirt, enter the lens of the series of international newspapers. Picture of Ly Nha Ky on the international red carpet unchargeable, do not play too much, stand out but always right Ng ink, luxury and class. Cannes Film Festival near Nhha Ky participated in 2018. She ever revealed the entire outfit that she widened to the red carpet of Cannes Film Festival, which was the creation of domestic ratters, many The wing is inspired by the Vietnamese traditional images and costumes - this is the same way for her to honor the culture and tradition of homeland. Body of the actress "overseas and giants" once recognized: "In hundreds, thousands of people come to Cannes, there may be people who do not understand each other's language, but the fashion is the common language on the red carpet. You only have 30 seconds away on the red carpet, you cannot recommend about yourself but the suit you wear on a person for everyone who knows who you are, what job is, most importantly, what is your culture? ".Bach Duong

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