Ly Nha Ky ‘transforms’ After Time At The Season

The row in the only few seconds that Ly Nha Ky has accepted the rain of praise with the post-weight loss spiritual achievement.02: 00/2: 41 namlý Nha Ky domain is a veteran face of the entertainment village, so It is not difficult to understand when the most discouragement of "Ms. Dai" is interested in netizens. Step into the age of U40, the beauty is praised to have all in hand when possessing the beauty more than the person, the property in hand belongs to the "terrible" goods and gives themselves certain successes at international events . However, what makes the most admirable sisters in Ly Nha Ky is the reverse aging beauty and the ability to preserve a progressive shape

. Although female artists do not belong to small body people or easy to lose weight, she chooses to prove by body curve that is a slim. Summarizing the time at the seasonal season with 2 transformations, Ly Nha Ky seems to be looking forward to the desire to bring "sexy girl" image to return. Only within a few seconds, Ly Nha Ky is enough to make viewers " Out of soul "Because of the perfect way of molting from the original image
Ly Nha Ky specially zoom close up to the slim shoulder, this is also the significant highlight of her after a weight loss Cong.Quai opposite the previous time, Ly Nha Ky used to make fans "shooting cars" when showing the actual physique with a circular part on the red carpet event. Although the female gianet wore a sealed wider like him but at that time, her body shortcomings like a big bone, the "athlete" shoulders were revealed. "Queen The red carpet "drops the size of his racetrack. The most noticeable point of her is the role and biceps becomes more seen, no longer bringing sharp charms when going with these Next to honor the shape. There is a time, beautiful people who are constantly have to be together with cheeky costumes and choose how to cover their shoulders to not be scored. Now, beautiful people in Vung Tau Confidently showing off the corner of the "shortcoming" .Item Two wires, revealing the shoulders is no longer difficult to make her when posing. Ly Nha Ky proved the age or Body Lack of advantages could not stop her on the road. Race to find a shape again
And of course, there's only a slender waist, the new legs bring confidence for sisters, because a slender shoulder is also a factor that women always have to consider their dream body. The name "Role of corn meat" comes from the cause of hereditary, lifestyle, bone structure or eating, sisters rest assured, because there is a way to overcome. To own the shoulder, neat, sisters need to remember the following: to the menu to reduce the appropriate dietary fat is indispensable for weight loss, helping the whole body become Lastly, not only any part. The addition of additional water, green vegetables, fresh fruits, whole grains, using vegetable oils to process dishes, use fresh milk without sugar and restrict alcohol, beer, coffee, food Many grease for a while will show positive efficiency. Make up the dining menu without accumulating excess fat. The exercises to help slim shoulders - BicepsMurers often ignore exercises impacted Shoulder - back - biceps because of fear of physical fearlessness, as well as the fears shape "child capital". However, there are many gentle exercises, easy to do at home but also helps sisters to own a slim shoulder. Plank posture, anti-push with exercise balls, jump rope or hand-free hand exercises are worth considering. Many exercises help miniature biceps, toned the shoulders effectively without using it Weightlifting. Minimize the speed of the elderly among the causes of sisters to become "the role of corn meat" is due to serious sagging skin, less elastic, toned. Besides control of weight and excess fat for the body, make sure the body skin is not sincere to make women increase unusual size. Massage regularly with warm salt and use of body care products will help firm muscles, dismiss toxins and prevent water in the biceps. Leather sores do many sisters that make many sisters think of excess fat.

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