Ly Thuy Chang Is About To ‘go Over “still Wearing High-heeled Shoes

Pregnancy of 8th month, Ly Thuy Chang - Ms. Xa Chi Bao - not only to cute the network community with a slim shine but also by gout fashion and fashion. Being a rich businessman Thanh, Chi Bao commune is no longer a strange name for the online community. Owning sharpness, though pregnant in 8th month, Ly Thuy Chang still retains extremely peak form. Although it has increased quite a strong, but the body is still elegant, the second round alone is raised high

. Don't stop there, when it comes to the pregnant pregnant in 1989, hard who doesn't give praise to her stylishly gourd style and stylishly. So when pregnant, Ly Thuy Chang is very loudly in the brand, dress up from clothes and shoes to each jewelry. The greater the gourd, the greater the wife, the more stylish and almost no longer Clear "bored" to pursue any style
At the end of the elegant shirts, I choose to give you a short skirt combo and a dynamic polo shirt. The 8x beautiful person also makes the sisters surprised when dropping the shape in the skirt of the body curve and wearing high shoes heel. However, the majority of shoe styles that Thuy Chang have a low and definitely square heel to ensure safety for both mother and baby. The most revealed, when launching a series of "pregnant images" 8th month At the office, Thuy Chang continued to bring the realm of surprise when she put on a large brand tree. Curtain mix

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