Lying To Dating Old Love, Midnight Listen To The Phone But The Husband Runs Out Of The Hotel To Ate The Wife

That day, Trung was immediately left the hotel at the moment at midnight to quickly go home with his wife.0: 00/3: 20 years of the country despite how beautiful it was. The smart person will greatly appreciate the current to never lose the precious thing he is holding, just because of the virtual virtues with the past. The man lives next to his wife but always remembers the love of his mouth (32 years old ) Sharing him and ladies married for 4 years and quickly gave birth to two young and healthy girls. "There is a truth that I came to my wife as soon as I broke up with my girlfriend

. It was therefore for a few years of marriage, no matter what I did wrong but I still couldn't calm the nostalgia of the old lover. Because we broke up when they were still in love, because I was too big and the wins that the two sides rushed to marry immediately, "said Trung. Lastly, just do full responsibility
Compared to other men, he was still praised as a good father husband. The mildment was in the middle that he might lived like that of Loan and the two of his life, he met again. The feeling of emotions when the old heart makes his heart unable to restrain. The page, his old love name, divorced that way not long ago. Looking at her tears that sadily hurt with a hurt-filled heart, Trung Just wanted to protect her covering her from all troubles. "I started contacting and dating her more often, Of course hide his wife. The frequency we meet is increasingly dense, then what must come, we have overnight together after years of meeting again. "" Fateful night "Wake up the man who is" deranging the road " At that day, he lied to his wife to sleep again because of an important project to be completed. In fact, he dated the page, late at night, the two people visited a hotel overnight. "I don't understand why when the hotel door is closed, I don't have enough courage to go further with her
Perhaps because of the feeling of being with his wife should also. It was uncertain because of it, only that day I and my old man really lined side by side, chatting. At that time, the work was quite stressful, so I was a moment, I was unconscious to fall asleep, "said the morning. It turns out that the page is talking to the phone with someone. "I miss you, do you know? But it must be tomorrow night I can meet you, because I'm going to work ... ", the voice of the page fell into the middle ear made him shocked. The only page of the page. Beside him, she has many other "prey" and is definitely a true page with anyone. In the middle of the middle, there are many things that collapses. The woman he ever loved, respectful and admiring it could become indiscriminately unbeuted after such a divorce. The woman he kept loving him honestly, but now it only considers him as a funny game to take advantage of no more. He still retains a faithful with his wife and feelings with his family. That day, neutrally left the hotel at the moment at midnight, rushing home quickly to his wife. Above Khom saw his wife and children sleeping, he reassured to breathe in relief. Although it was very late, Trung still went to take a clean bath, washing off the smell of the gloomers on the clothes, then dared to hug the bed and sleep. "In this life there was nothing more foolish than the past Then distract the current. The most important thing to take care and protect is the person right next to me, "Trung has drawn a bloody lesson for themselves.

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