Lynk Lee: I’m Not A Lot Of Things

'I have done almost all my daughter dreams, only every voice is not yet done' - Lynk Lee said. Ly here, at the OK program on the car, Lynk Lee transgender singer confided About life, people do people through answering some questions given. Has you made a dream of making a daughter? In the past time, I have done almost all my daughter dreams I, only the voice is not yet done. I am looking forward to waiting after making a voice that will be completely daughter.Lynk Lee and Truong The Vinh's current speaking is not surgical

. If I want to become a voice and voice into a female voice, I have to have larynx surgery. The doctor will intervene to change my sound frequency from low to high, from male and female. Many people advise me not to laryngthe surgery because I will lose my voice, even dumb
I understand everyone because when you start something, everyone is afraid to be scared, thinking about negative things. I only think of positive things, that after surgery, I will have a voice in More younger, or more. Just before transgender, I didn't know after surgery, what I would look like. I kept doing what I'm most confident. And finally I had a beautiful appearance like the present. Everything is like an attractive rule, when I think of positive things, I will also meet the positive things.Lynk Lee talks too much Current transducers, I believe that after the surgery will have a feminine voice, or more sweeter. Many people think that it cannot be transferred from a female male voice. Simply because they do not have knowledge, have not learned about this segment. I also have to learn a lot, understand how people do it
So far I knew it was quite confident. What is your upcoming plan? Before larynx surgery, I want to make an album to celebrate your career path before, celebrating the voice Familiar with everyone. I want to sing the songs that are familiar with the old voice, each attached to the audience. I want to recognize that journey before moving to a new voice. You used to tell a secret that I promised to keep? I used to tell about a secret that I promised to keep but that was my secret And also the secret of others, I always keep, never tell. I always respect everyone. When a person tells their secret to me and tells no to tell anyone, I will never say. I don't have to eliminate many things, everyone does it. What has its limitations, actions affect others I never do. If to be for 3 billion in 17 years old, do you go to transgender? If given 3 billion in 17 years old, sure I will go to surgery now. It was my dream for a long time.

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