M1’s Battery Life Is Too Good, Apple Still Imagines The Battery Error

Apple boss said it was once the time he thought MacBook M1 had a virtual battery error due to too good battery life.0: 00/1: 16 namdong in an interview with Tom's Guide, Apple's vice president of apple is Bob Borchers Say that the battery life of MacBook M1 (MacBook Air and MacBook Pro 13) is so good that Apple thought it was MacOS's battery display error, when the battery life did not decline after a history period Use. "[When we] use the machine for a few hours and the battery is not reduced, we think" Oh my sky, it's a virtual battery report error. "- However, there was a CEO Tim Cook and he responded Pretty funny. "No, that's how it works," Cook answered

. Tom's Guide's experience with M1 M1 Macbook for 16 hours 25 hours, very close to 17 hours Apple offers, while the Intel version only has about 10 hours 21 minutes. After witnessing the success of Apple A chips, Apple started developing M1 chip with a very clear goal of significantly better than What Intel provides. Bob also answered about the apple has developed and improved Rosetta so that it could compile the x86 application from Intel platform to Apple silicon smoothly and effectively, and real At the moment, Rosetta 2 has been successful
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