Magic Spices For Summer, Put On Something Delicious

Salt kelp is a divine spicy dedicated to summer and mixing dishes, cool dishes. Not just nutrition is extremely delicious, easy to eat. The hot air summer, it's hard to eat well, everyone is lazy to cook. But that's because they don't know this magical spices, spices are seen as "divine", putting any dishes that make it better. It is salt kelp

. Salt kelp is a kind of processed kelp. It is located in soy sauce, sugar and alcohol. After the water evaporated, seaweed was covered with a salt layer
Japanese salt is available in most large supermarkets in Vietnam. In the salads, salt kelp helps increase flavor, extreme Easy to eat.When are mixed with butter and fever, the taste of salt kelp is still clear, helping the fragrant dish again. Only simply mix kelp salt and cucumber, you also get cool cool dishes Just mouth, boring cucumbers, switching to mix kelp salt and tomatoes nor nor problems, even bringing a feeling of refreshing. A pinch of salt kelp, a little bit of the leaves eat with real young tofu really As a summer fine, it is easy to eat and easy to eat. Salt kelp with cold meat and sweet peppers also helps you to dispel the feeling of boredom. In a little more bridge mixing, salted kelp also helps increase flavor , make food more attractive. In a healthy breakfast, a little salt kelp will make nutritious food more convenient. If you want to change the wind, mix kelp salts and eggs. Basically, it is necessary to add a bit of cheese cream and mix well
Cold noodles remove extra salt kelp will make you change completely awareness of cold dishes. Can speak, kelp salt is savior For summer, help the dishes become more delicious. When the chicken soup, you can also give a little salt kelp into, the delicious taste will definitely make you want to test this spice into some items Other familiar eats. Example (according to Sina)

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