Make Money From White Chicken Farming

Actively and creatively in economic development, willing to help, creating jobs for difficult workers with stable income, actively participating in local movements. Those are the affectionate comments of a large number of people in Thanh Ne village village, Thanh Binh commune (Chuong My district) when talking about Mr. Nguyen Van Tap (SN 1973), a well-known businessman instant 9: 00/3: 16 namsinh namsinh and grew up in the family as shallow, he practiced the difficulties and strencils of the "a suicide" of the farmers. Although not trained in professional skills but with the spirit of efforts to rise, self-study cultivating constant experience, he practiced was determined to choose, invest in building poultry farms to play Economic development.Charry on the early days of business establishment, Mr

. Episode said, in 2002, he invested in building a white chicken farm in the commune's planning area, a scale of 6,000 / litter. The early years because they have no experience, along with the impact of unstable market prices, surrounding households also invest in building farms and farm density; Consecutive epidemics occur, the livestock's livestock encountered difficulties, with chickens he practiced losing hundreds of millions of dong. Many days and nights pythons returned to overcome difficulties, he had to mortgage the bank of the family's land plot, borrowed from relatives and friends to have capital to continue to re-flock, breeding
In Thanh Ne village, Thanh Binh commune (Chuong My district) on the family's white chicken farm. Photo: Nguyen Thuy with perseverance, the willingness is determined to get rich, the eager to learn, hard-to-work hard, he gradually overcome the "vulnerabilities" in livestock, increasingly expanding production scale . In addition to the local farm, so far he also employs land and builds 10 farms to raise chicken in Dong Lac commune (Chuong My district), Lien Son commune, Luong Son district and Ngoc Luong commune, Yen Thuy district (Hoa Binh province). With a modern closed livestock process, the density of 160,000 / litter, British farms are reaching the revenue of VND 2.5 billion / year. Besides, it also creates a regular job for 20 employees, with a stable income of VND 7 million / person / month. Many years of the year of the district, the district awarded the title of excellent production households. In 2020, he practiced the title of good-selling business households. According to Mr. Episode, there is a stable economy like today, England and the family have tried not tired of labor, production to accumulate experience, expand the farm size
Especially boldly apply new technical advances to improve productivity and quality of livestock products. Do not complacance of successful achievements, he always reminded himself to make efforts to enrich, economic development Furthermore so that itself is strong, the family has a full life that can help many people around them. Now that he practiced was always ready to share his livestock experiences for many local farmers members to develop economic development and improve their lives. Not only doing good economy, he practiced exemplary to comply with the Party's guidelines and guidelines and legal policies of the State; Completing the tasks assigned by the Social Farmers Association. Most are always heading for the mirror in the movements of local and volunteer work such as giving gifts to the elderly in the village; awarded gifts to difficult circumstances; Joining merit to embellish local historical buildings and relics ... with a total amount of up to hundreds of millions of Dong.Anh Nguyen Van Than deserves a typical example in the movement of emulation farmers Good business of Thanh Binh commune in particular and Chuong My district in general. His example is the motivation for farmers members to strive for economic development, rise to get rich with his own hands and blocks. Nguyen Thuy (Hanoi Farmers' Association)

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