Makeup Course: ‘makeup Wallet’

How much do you want to know how much your feminine index? And are you the right girl? Please check the makeup wallet with enough 10 items this is not 9:00 / 2: 00 nam southern compact compact highlighter compression, indispensable in the trenders' makeup wallet is covered in the following makeup Good to the cheekbones, forehead to adjust the block and create a face brightness. With sensitive skin and do not use the foundation, only highlighter miles, the top of the cheek, the middle of the eyelid, the part of the eyebrows is the bright face. Remove - Corrector Remove use to hide meticulously Small defects like acne, scars, brown spots, dark circles. Should use a pen to delete the defect before covering the pollen so that the makeup looks not separated from the point of hiding.BA type Sonson shadow covered outside the main lipstick made a soft natural lips

. In the case of no painting you just need to apply a liposity, lip gloss, the lips look very sexy, youthful. Lipstick when it is necessary to replace the pink cheek. Dot the lipstick on the cheekbones, rubbing, then the chalk will look natural like pink cheeks
Mascarage If only a makeup in 10 animals is not separated, you should hold Mascara. You can hastily cover pollen, eyeliner and paint but only need thick and long black eyelashes that have been significantly compensated. The eyeshadow is carrying another four-tone box to dynamically combined with clothes color. Safety cardboard, suitable for Asian skin is brown soil, brown brown, green gray, dark green. Floral water, deodorant You don't need to bring a heavy perfume bottle, look for a sample of the same label in a mini bottle .All nails are broken and fracture is a common accident, the bar will resolve uncomfortable on the spot, you don't have to wear it every day for a day. Spray the bottle with a small bottle, you can make awake face , fresh anytime in the day of the day. Paper paper can be used to remove makeup, clean the face and you can actively make a makeup between the day of the day. . Cotton swabs are a series of traceats in the day
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