Making A Fried Watermelon, The Girl Caused Netizen To Argue Extremely Harsh

After hi hoping to follow the formula of a fried watermelon, the female partner claims enough sweet salty taste, quite strangely but causing Netizen to have an extremely harsh argue. Going here, on the Forum mind, girl QN shared his feelings after following the "academic" formula on Tiktok fried watermelon. Write made a fried watermelon quickly attracting great attention of opinion about poisonous food This strange. After meticulously doing the right step by step by the formula, QN Getting the achievement looks pretty beautiful and delicious.QN said there is enough salty, strange salty, frying still retains the crispness of watermelon

. However, the fried watermelon should only try once said, the cold crispy watermelon is still "faithful". Under the comment section of the article, most netizens are not interested in the fried watermelon. The idea of frying or frying The fruit type, especially a lot of water like watermelons, it has been seen unreasonably
Besides, someone has spoken to claim himself to study and do this, as a result "with vomiting" Nguyen Evening, never dare to follow the dishes according to Tiktok. "Sorry you write a song, maybe I'm a bit old, but things like fruits ... I think let it taste naturally Its more substances "or" masters cooking, who destroyed the formula, lord creative, chef king "... are netizens leaving under the article of QN here not the first time Fairy fried watermelon appeared The network realm. It was ever to have no little Tiktoker abroad to try. According to the evaluation of many people, the fried watermelon looks delicious but when asked to eat, they should eat: no! Formula made fried watermelon - Source: Tiktok

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