We choose to explore Tung Nham (Ninh Hai, Hoa Lu, Ninh Binh) with a spleen boat through green trees, the boat stops at the point of about 100 meters from the center of the bird garden. From the observed hut, a wonderful scene gradually appears before ... 0:00 / 4: 08Nam SouthernThung Nhac is like a vast green valley stretching, bending herself through the eye-catching limestone mountains with cool blue eyes Of the tropical forest strip, of the blue line and soft green grasslands

. This eco-tourism area is deep in the core zone of Trang An woven populations, so it still retains a wild and mysterious appearance. The people here also call this destination as a birdfruit because this is where thousands of birds include many species of gatherings of residence nesting. The most special in Thung Nham is the bird garden located on a submerged area, Place with lots of green trees, mop dusters, sedan theaters suitable for birds to nest and live
We chose how to go to a spleen boat through green trees, the boat stopped at the point of about 100 meters from the garden center. The nervous mood from the observed hut, a wonderful scene gradually appeared before our eyes. Sighs after a day of eating has gradually returned to white beans on the tops of trees and bamboo. Just a small noise can also cause thousands of birds startled, they fly through the top of the mountain and then Chao in a beautiful arc before the palace, white beans erase on the trees. Visitors will hear the rod of storks, cauldron ... echoing throughout the garden. The garden of the birds is a gathering place of many birds like storks, cauldras, flutes, le le .
., most are white storks. The more afternoon, the bird gathers go to the longer and white beans deleted on the trees. The most ideal place to visit the birds is the late afternoon, when the bird rushes from every flock after a day earning far away , creating a sky overwhelmed the white bird. Winter, birds will start to garden from 4 pm, and summer, birds are about 1-2 hours later. The land at the end of this valley is very quiet, so it comes from the same life, the birds have flown here. The special thing is that people also discovered some individuals Hang Hac and phoenix in the Tung Nham region have been recorded in the Red Book and located in the four Linh (Long, Ly, Quy, Phuong). Hundreds of years old. With famous bird garden, visitors can also visit many other excellent spots in Thung Nham. As a multi-tree "knows" in the Temple of Pillow Dai - an ancient temple, worshiping 2 Than Trach Hoa Lu Tứ Ta town is Cao Son and the Legend of the Lady, making Thung Nam more ... According to indigenous people, every 300 years of tree moves 1 step. Each movement of the tree is more than 10 m. Leave the original position of the multi tree in the next new temple. This is the new temple built on the foundation of the ancient temple. In the past, the position of the multi-tree was the ancient temple party. When the old temple lost it first walked down to the temporary temporary shrine. Later to the second step and the third step approached the lake. Recommended by scientists, specialists who move more than 300 years, moving 1 step, during that time the main body of the tree will be rotten, when the roots drop down, eat deep into the ground growing Up and will become the main body to raise trees. Just like that, the local people called a multi-moving tree. Many scientists come here to study but no one found the answer. It was further surprised by us that the convergence seems to be full of Ninh Binh's beauty. Visitors are on the boat to go to the flesh lining into the landmarks such as Caves, Three Her Cave, Cave Aquariums. This is the form of wet cave landscape under the cliff, the limestone mountain is very typical of this land. Therefore, it is very similar to the journey to discover Tam Coc or Trang An, if any other is smaller and the time to discover shorter. Especially, there is a lot of animated areas like a second motion of Ninh Binh. Through nearly 500 stone steps, we also reached the door. After a break, everyone started to explore the cave, the first feeling was the cold like entering the body. Right entrance is the earth floor, from here you will go through 88 steps of cheo climbing to come to the paradise, where there are many stalactites, the rocks are shaped symbolizing the realm of Nirvana, Bodhisattva, Heavenly ... Unlike the cave, the fishermen with the stone cave system, the splendid stalactites winding down the mountain also shielded many special emotions for visitors. Birds of eco-tourism area Vallating is a residence and livelihood of diverse birds. Spread across an area of more than 300ha, this is the residence of about 40,000 children, about 5,000 types of birds of all kinds, belonging to 46 species of birds. In which, many birds have been written to Vietnam's Red Book such as Giang Sen, a small cup ... Thalvel is also a place of residence of 109 plants, 150 animals, including 58 species of fish, 7 species of frogs, 10 mammals ... need to be preserved and developed.

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