Man Utd Vs West Ham (2 -1): Ronaldo More Records, Goalkeeper De Dea Chemistry Hero, Coach Solskjaer Blamed The Arbitration

Ronaldo continued to score for Man Utd, received a record more; Lingard and De Gea are even more prominent on the reverse screen with West Ham; De Gea shares emotion; Coach Solskjaer indignated with the referee.Ronaldo defeated the goalkeeper Fabianski to bring to the equalizer for Man Utd in the 35th minute. (Source: Reuters) Ronaldo - Thermocouple transmission Winning for Man Utdronaldo is showing great performance In the Man Utd shirt when contributing to a goal to help the Red Devils overcome West Ham in the 5 Premier League rounds.Ronaldo continues to be a different factor to help Man Utd overcome difficult times and win Premier League.When the housekeeper was conceded in the 30th minute, the Portuguese star was able to bring to the equalizer after 5 minutes with a smart place and finishes perfectly in the penalty area

. Lukasz Fabianski stopped the first shot of Ronaldo but he could not block the Rush into CR7's compensation later. This was a fourth table, only after the first 3 matches for Man Utd's 36-year-old striker. Ronaldo wins help Man Utd regain confidence and they have a valuable goal in the 89th minute by Cong
Lingard's to win all 3 points right at West Ham's home yard, Opta statistics, Superstar Portuguese has scored at 66 different fields at 5 European top national championships since Start career in Man Utd in the season 2003/04. Ronaldo broke the previous record of Zlatan Ibrahimovic (65 yard). In 90 minutes on the London Olympics, Ronaldo had 7 finishes, the most at Man Utd. He has 3 falls in the prohibition area after the impact from the host defenders. However, the referee Martin Atkison shaded hands and let the game continues to take place.De GEA makes a penalty kick in the last seconds, retaining for Man Utd 3 points. (Source: Sports Mole) Goalkeeper de Gea saved spectacularly, contributing to the Man Utd 2 - 1 West Ham victory in the 90th minute 3, West Ham received a penalty when the referee to review Var determines Luke Shaw To touch the ball in the penalty area within the next day of the next excellence since the beginning of the season, he flies to block Noble's shot, go to the courtyard from the bench to perform the fruit 11m, preserve the victory for man Utd.When the whistle rang, the whole team rushed into de Gea to celebrate together. Coach Solskjaer also flies towards 30-year-old temple guards and students must say de Gea to feel into the size, after what happened last season. He shares a touching: "It was the last minute, I made a saving phase
Three points worthwhile for Man Utd.When I'm in my mind just a single thought: must save the ball. This is a really hard match. Both Man Utd and West Ham have good opportunities. Once again, Jesse (Lingard) scored a great winner. In the locker room, we spoke to each other, the most important thing was 3 points ".Ronaldo has 3 falls in the penalty area but are refused to blow Penalty.HLV Solskjaer is not satisfied with the referee's decisions when refusing to deny two penalties of Man Utd Team win the choking, but coach Solskjaer proved dissatisfied with decisions to blow away the penalty For Man Utd's referee Martin Atkinson in this match.Rondo was the one who had 3 falls in the penalty area, but all of these situations received the shaking head of the ATKinson arbitration. Specifies the Sky Sports channel later The match, Coach Solskjaer expressed the wrath of Atkinson's decision when he refused at least two penalties of Ronaldo. Norwegian strategist also shared concern about whether the referees continued to hesitate The penalty blows when Ronaldo fouled. "For the first time and finally in 3 ronaldo situations were committed Errors in the penalty area, the referee still declined to blow the penalty. You cannot argue with the referee about it. Hope without a precedent to blow away the penalty for Ronaldo created by the referee, "Coach Solskjaer said. Appray the controversies, it's a good performance and won 3 precious points in the hardest match Man Utd from the beginning of the season so far. The redness is currently ranked 3rd in the Premier League after winning 4 of 5 openings, the remaining harmony. Noticeably. Remarks Man Utd and West Ham will continue to re-match 2 days until both will meet in the 3 Carabao Cup round. (General)

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