Manh Quynh Went For A Marriage Life, Revealing The Personality Of The Commune

'Jealously, any women have. My wife was also jealous but the commune also understood that it was a job ', Manh Quynh Tam Chu.0: 00/1: 44 namca Si Manh Quynh was a song that received many public affinities. From the day "music lover" left, the vocalist with a purple house did not hide sadness. Nam singer revealed to wear dark outfits for 3 months to "be treated" Phi Nhung

. Manh Quynh spent a special affection for a dictionary cotton voice. Live marriage of Manh Quynh with Ms. Cam Dieu commune and two boys
He witnessed close husbands with others. Answer to the star, Manh Quynh confided: "Jealous, every woman has. My wife is also jealous but the wife also understands it's a job. I am in general with no more than 20 years ago. What happened, what to sing with another singer! " "Marriage contract". Manh Quynh expressed: "I went to sing the weekend, dayty day at home. When married I had a contract with the commune:" I love you, married you must accept your work nature to go Weekends, not like other family couples Weekends go to play! "Manh Quynh revealed itself that the commune was the one who helped him a spirit after the triumph of the triumph. African space, the village was the one who always encouraged him to help him overcome the spiritual event. Manh Quynh said he was the oriental tradition, and his commune was liberal in the West. That It is the offset point that both sticks like two other pole magnets, always attracting each other
"Last time, his wife comforted, encouraged me much. The days I was buried in bed, I went to don't want to eat while I heard the news, my mother didn't disturb, let me quiet. When I gradually regained my spirit, she advised me to see if Nhung paid off the deadly debt and was resting. The wife advised me strongly, not mentally depressed because of the work, the family to worry ", Manh Quynh Con Bach.

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