Many Americans Make A Living By Households

Reverse households are a job that brings stable income for many people in Newyork. They can help those who are busy buying an iPhone or queuing for Covid-19.02: 00/2: 54 South New York City, famous as the world's leading financial center, and also owns population most crowded America. With busy life, not many people are capable of queuing and waiting to buy favorite items. Therefore, the household ranks arranged and is increasingly exploding in recent years, especially in the launches of technology products

.Robert Samuel, founder Same Ole Line Dudes (SOLD) - Specialized company Providing household queuing services, sharing that every week they have an average of 15 books and this figure increases sharply when near the launch of new technology products. Currently, SOLD is charging for a fee of 45 USD for the first 2 hours and only 10 USD for every half an hour next. In 2020, due to the increase in Covid-19 test demand, SOLD expanded the service line Waiting for testing for households
Robert Samuel, the founder of SOLD, the company specializes in providing household lines. Photo: Penny Hoarder.Robert sharpened with household queuing from September 2012. At that time, he was lined up by a tenant to buy the latest iPhone 5. The initial job was not favorable when the customer canceled this service immediately afterwards. However, Robert still earned a total of 325 USD from cessating his place with milk for those who are continuing to wait. Racked's interview, Robert said that SOLD customers are not only " giants ", but also a lot of middle-class people. Most of them are quite busy and don't have much time waiting, so the best way to use household loading services. "Sometimes, a person wants to buy a lot of cronut cakes for friends every time They came to the play house. My customers at that time didn't have time but still wanted to be the first queue, "Robert shared with Racked
Household goods are jobs that require a lot of time and effort. These occupants often have to prepare necessary utensils such as phone charging, hand heaters and sleeping bags if they have to queue overnight. Even, they must continue to go to the toilet because of fear of losing space. Thus, households often do not guarantee they will be the first to wait. In fact, customers also do not regularly require this because the cost will be very expensive due to hiring people who led by households very soon. The households must bring both sleeping bags and seats if they have to work through night. Photo: BRG. "If you tell me to go to the place at 5 am but that place is open at 8 o'clock, the cost you have to pay will be very large. Of course, if I was there before 3 hours, you are sure that I will be one of the first ", Robert shared. For 2020, due to the complicated movement situation, SOLD's service opened more Both household arrays for Covid-19 testing. Robert said the demand rise in this period makes the service price possible exceeding the level of 80 USD for an hour of loading. However, the misunderstanding among people in the row still often occur. That's when customers come and then place leased people. This makes the rear people feel very angry and sometimes scuffle. Others argue that it is not fair when the person who has stood every hour lined up the queue must give birth to just just because they pay the rental service. Racked

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