Many Chinese Stars Go To The Moral Behind The Scandal Scandal

Dozens of Chinese entertainment artists, including some of the most reputable people, participate in the moral training session by the General Department of China National Broadcasting (NRTA). The school takes place in the context Rape scandal of Ngo Yorny and scandal of some other young stars shocking entertainment village Last time. According to The South China Morning Post (SCMP), the above class takes place in Beijing - China, lasts for 2 days last month. Some pictures of the class are published online this week. NRTA did not explain why the stars were chosen to classrooms and classes that are required

. Some big names in the classroom have: Leo Phods - Famous for the movie "The First Half of My Life ", Zhang Nhat Son - Famous movie" The Deer and the Caildron ", thermal y. The lesson has the title "Training class to promote high-quality drama production" and the content focuses on professional ethics, laws, vocational regulations .
. pulling the phase (left), Zhang Nhat Son and Thermal Medicine participated in the "Ethical Training" News about the collare session took oppose by taking place at the time of corn scandal of Ngo Yon Pham shocking to the public. Recently, Ngo Yorni is officially accused of rape after the investigation of the authorities. Immediately after being temporarily seized with suspicion of rape crime on July 22, Ngo Yorni was erased on cyberspace, all of the actors' products, this singer was deleted, removed on the Network platform. Not only that, recently, China's other South America is Hu Po Con to leave the entertainment village after being killed by a girlfriend 9 years of adultery, multiplore and Truong Tr Term to be boycotted because of the Lien issue Looking forward to politics. Before the stars of moral schools, netizens comments: "Ironically, they are highly paid to go to school on basic moral", "a useless course! They It will be difficult to refuse if proposed by the huge amount or other lembling words "... Ngo Yorni and Resilience Rewarding Suns with an adulteral prosperous girlfriend, Boi Kiep Viet Chinese broadcasting service recently Already wardished the punishment of stars who did not follow the professional ethics, crossing the legal boundaries or moral standards.Mango TV said 80 artists signed in the letter they created with the promised content will Y Vegetarian illegal behavior, ethics, distorting truth
.. Minh Khue (according to SCMP)

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