Many Difficulties In Developing Specialties

Currently, market demand is quite popular with special breeds, such as: wild boar, rabbit, three, goats, ducks of old values ... Therefore, many households in the province have boldly invested Breeding specialties. However, due to the livestock and prevention of diseases mainly on experience, many models of culture of special substances have a lot of difficulties with difficulties

. Currently, our province has nearly 1,000 households registered to grant specialty adopted children, with a total of more than 20,000 individuals. Many models have affirmed economic efficiency, such as: three three, dumb turtles in Thieu Hop commune (Introduction); Raising Ostrich in Vinh Loc district; Goat farming in Ha Trung district; Rabbit farming in Quang Xuong, Trieu Son and Tho Xuan districts; Hedge porcupine culture in Thach Thanh, Thieu Hoa, Vinh Loc and Thanh Hoa and Thanh Hoa rear duck-shaped ducks of Anh Ha Van Sinh's family, in La Ca village, Co Lung commune (Ba Thuoc) brings economic efficiency high. He said, in 2009, he started raising a valened duck, the early days, he had to learn and go to the houses in the right to find the right ducks of the original, not being breeded, then about livestock Reproduction and forums
After the first breed, he continued to choose the healthiest breeds, with 50 ducks and 15 drum ducks, giving birth to eggs and hamlets, the rest and sold meat. His ducks gave birth to gradually increase, from hundreds to thousands of children. The first commercial ducks to produce cages, traders fight for VND 170,000 - 190,000 VND / child. In order to ensure that always have goods for sale, he gives birth to a pillow, 4-5 liters, except for all costs, and he has collected over VND 100 million / year. In order to support people to cultivate duck ducks, since 2017, he was born in establishing Lady Duck Livestock Development, with 12 members, raising 2,000 - 2,500 valed ducks according to strict processes from seed production , choose the breed, toilet the barn, diet to vaccination ... where the income of each member in the average cooperative reaches 100 - 150 million VND / year. However, the actual shows, many farming models The specialties in the province are facing many difficulties due to the price of a variety of specialty adopted children. Once raced by the movement of raising lesions, Mr
Nguyen Ba Thich, Minh Thanh village, Dong Quang commune is better than anyone about the strenuous, hard of wildlife capture. Through understanding, he likes to invest in building hemorrhoids to raise hemorrhoids, then the price of hemorrhoids like 10 days old 80,000 VND A child is not enough for sale. After 8 months of raising hemorrhoids begin to reproduce and continuous reproductive time every year 8 months, a worker can raise hundreds of children. A mature bird can give income 5 to 6 million VND per year. Calculated to raise hemorrhoids with higher income than any child at that time. However, when his family likes to have a sold bird for sale is also when the price starts to lower, only 1/5 price is still difficult to consume. Because the output is difficult, he likes to only hatch a small amount, and gradually reduce the livestock and up to the present time, it has stopped fully raising these specialty children. Survey shows that the most characteristic Of the development of specialty raising children is spontaneous. Through introduction, promotion, which many people have access to the profession. With a way to produce the movement, the price of specialties of specialties is up and down is difficult to avoid. Some people at the beginning of the head, after seeing the development, replicated, investing a lot of money to build stables, buy breeds, such as snakes, rabbits, three three, dumb turtles ..., at first quite effective , the market mainly sells to China, after this market saturation, then due to the impact of Covid-19 disease, it is not consumed, wanting to sell cheap to recover capital. This topic, on the basis of encouraging the development of a model of cultivating specialty breeds associated with large-scale aggregate farms, the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development is continuing to direct the specialized investment agency Export breeds and associated with prestigious adopted adopted adopted units nationwide to supply quality sources to ensure livestock households in the area. Planning to develop specialty adoption and pet orientation for people not to produce themselves according to the spontaneous movement, increase, reducing massive flocks, suddenly leading to imbalance in the market. Encouraging livestock farms associated with transfer units, developing breeding technical processes in accordance with the conditions of the province to ensure a wide range of them. Department of Science and Technology implements projects to research and apply science and technology to complete the process of raising specialties and technical transfer to farmers. In addition to the support of the sectors, livestock households need to actively understand professional knowledge, meet the requirements of management, engineering and prevention of epidemics to raise specialties for specialties Dinh and economic development efficiency, sustainability. Addresses and photos: Khanh Phuong

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