Many Fed Officials Support Accelerating Property Purchase Programs

New economic data announced with many unexpected numbers that have opened up the possibility of the Federal Reserve (FED) to announce the reduction of asset purchase program in September. Interviews with officials Along with public comments showed the increasing support for the cutting program to buy assets faster than expected of the market at the time of a month ago. The changing perspectives followed the powerful job data in the last two months with the higher inflation index. Fed Christopher Waller and Fed Eric Rosengren President, Robert Kaplan and Jim Bullard publicly agreed The perspective cuts the program to buy assets. Fed Atlanta President, Raphael Bostic has supported the start of narrowing the asset purchase program around October to December

.Fed can still delay the decision for the November meeting if the August job data is low , Delta variant sparks a new blockade or reduced inflation. But inflation data is stronger than expected in the previous week and forecasting that inflation may remain high in the coming year have strengthened the ability to cut a property purchase program. The markets have also changed Expect and forecast Fed have time to act sooner
Survey participants of CNBC in July have been identified, November is the announcement month and January 2022 is the time to start to reduce the asset purchase program. However, a Reuters poll last week showed that in September was the month of new consensus. Fed Jerome Powell chairman was a milder viewer than some members of the Fed. While he asserted that the majority of inflation would be temporary, but also said: "We have to consider serious risks, which is inflation will be more persistent." Powell said at the meeting July press conference that Fed still has "a long distance" to achieve more significant progress, but it is before the July job report shows that more than 900,000 jobs are created. , decided to cut the program to buy assets will be decided by the Federal Market (FOMC). In addition, Mr. Powell said that Delta variants will not cause many risks for the economy. Mr. Powell's main is to avoid the repetition of the sale of strong bonds in the 2013 bond market by President of Fed Ben Bernanke to cut the Protection Program
But it seems Mr. Powell has achieved that goal. Fed officials have publicly talked about cutting a program to buy assets for several months, but stock prices have increased and bond yields despite fluctuations But it is still low at low levels. In that time, the expectation of raising interest rates began at the end of 2022 or early 2023 almost unchanged in the context of all small discussions of Fed officials. That suggests Fed officials that they have achieved the goal will not shock the financial market. However, a decision to cut the program to buy assets in September can face the objections of Some members have a more moderate perspective in FOMC. President Fed Chicago, Charles Evans Last week, he wanted to consider adding "a few months" of job data before making a decision. Governor Fed Lael Brainard said, she wants to see data from opening fields and economic data from September. Such different differences are typical for Fed around policy changes and creation Agreement or advance to the disagreements still depend on the Fed.Do Fed president, will gradually reduce the program to buy assets before raising interest rates, so a smaller decision will immediately Open the opportunities to discuss the first interest rate increase. Terrace / according to foreign press

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