Many Food Purchased Online In Ho Chi Minh City Ship Slow, High Price

Many people put online food in Ho Chi Minh City accepting ship prices higher than normal, but disappointed with the quality of the food.0: 00/3: 51 Namkhi domain know the goods in Ho Chi Minh City are allowed to sell Bring back, Pham Th (25 years old, residing in Tan Phu District, Ho Chi Minh City) eagerly opened the application on the phone to put some favorite snacks.h. Placing crab soups on Grab Food. After many times canceled because the application does not find a driver, a few hours ago, H

. New can place a crab soup in District 6 with the ship fee 26,000 Dong. Working the delivery fee is much higher than normal and must wait long but H. still accepted by her with a discount code
Above all for H., during the current epidemic period, buying online food was lucky. Suggested course, when the crab soup was ship, H. no longer retained the original eagerness. Contrary to her expectations, the food looks not likely to be like a photo, the taste is disappointed. "The soup cup is 27,000 dongs of water, little meat, no taste. I wait forever The application that the product reaches his hand too boring, "said H. Talking to Zing P. Placing a special bowl but only received the regular type. Nguyen Tien P
(26 years old, residing in District 10) also encountered a similar situation. On September 18, he ordered 2 bowls of noodles valued at VND 140,000, accepting the ship fee of VND 32,000 for the distance of 1.4 km. In order, P. Bought a special type. But when the food came to hand, he discovered that both bowls were normal, cheaper than 20,000 VND. "Before the epidemic, I used to eat at this shop and should distinguish specially and painfully. Receive 2 years Noodle for lunch, I was pretty much disappointed by being prepared by the bar. Not only that, every whole bowl of raw materials such as meat and shrimp, pale, are not the same compared to before, "P. Share.P. It is possible that it may be due to the large amount of orders so the restaurant has been negligent when placing for themselves. However, he hopes to improve product quality, though in the translation still needs to ensure that the service is commensurate with the price of money. Give more money to Shipper to thank you. "The shop made quite fast but the other taste goes too much. Animal, I don't think much to the price, just want to eat delicious dishes. I also know the brother Shipper go to work During this stage is very hard, so when they arrive, I have a little more thank you. I hope both the owner, Shipper and diners can treat each other for dedicated, helping the disease days This less pressure ", P. Talking. Dau belly because of eating and installing and installing rare shipper season, frequently canceled, many people come to shop owners in the neighborhood and order not through the app, this option also makes many people who have to complain by poor quality food, expensive delivery fee. Groups groups on social networks because they cannot order on the app.Share with Zing, she said she only placed fresh food through the app, while snacks like milk tea, rice paper ... t Hi is always in a state of not finding a driver. It's like that, recently, she ordered a bullhouse for 45,000 dong from a online seller, accepting the cost of ships equal to feeding. However, the food to his hand is not like an advertising image. "I have to pay up to VND 40,000 for a few hundred meters, but the most remarkable is not delicious food. Pale crawling like water, can't eat So I saw that price was too hard to accept, "she said. Bui Tan Hoa (22 years old, residing in Tan Binh district) also has a similar experience when placing food online in translation. He said that at the present time, the shop on the app to deliver food in the UK living area has not reopened much. "My most of my cabinets have not been opened through the app so I have to go to the group to eat In the place where I live to order. I bought a delicacous dish, but it was very bad, as a long-lasting pearl, the rice paper mixed with a lack of vegetables, breaking a strange smell of bamboo shoots, "he said. Chi, Hoa also suffered abdominal pain, nausea after eating food online. "In translation so I'm not too attention to the ship fee, because the Shipper is also very hard. But the goods owners should also notice Go to the quality of food, it is impossible for saving costs that buy raw materials to date, cooking through the speaker, "he said. Hanh, Trang Minh: NVCC

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