Many Individuals Won Awards At Nghi Xuan Ca Tru Festival

After more than a day took place lively, at the end of December 5, at the Cultural House of An Dam Commune, Nghi Xuan District (Ha Tinh) Ca Tru Festival Nghi Xuan District Tuesday 2021 has summarized, closed and awarded .Guyen Thi Thu Ha (Thon 4, Xuan Hong commune) Performing the body of the way to say: Chi Nam Nhi.Lien Hoi Ca trù Nghi Xuan District Tuesday 2021 has the participation of 37 candidates from clubs in communes, towns, elementary schools, secondary schools and high schools in Nghi Xuan district. Coming to the festival, 37 actors showed 74 items, equal to 10 ways in the traditional spaces of Ca trù art. After the opening time, the actors in turn presented their competitions

. General Festival, Ms. Tran Thi Canh - Deputy Director of Nghi Xuan District Culture and Communication Center: Ca Tru Festival times The third has created a large stage for actors aged 8 - 62 years of age showing and showing their understanding of Ca trù. At this festival this time there are many actors with charming and beautiful performances and vocals, well expressing techniques of Ca trù singing
Some are more standard in singing sure, beautiful briquettes. Many contestants have just accessed the Ca tru singing in a short time but all have two compulsory and self-selected ways. More specifically, this festival has developed 2 more dual flocks and 4 new players. Birth of Nguyen Thi Quynh Nhu - Nghi Xuan High School (PFT) performs a self-selected way: Wish ( Anonymous words). However, besides the successes still limited to exist, there are some lower secondary school students in accordance with the song of Ca trù but have not grasped the technique of singing ; The way of suffering is not clear, so it has not yet achieved high results at the festival. Meanwhile, the singing of some contestants suffered amidly. The summoned festival, the organizers awarded two excellent prizes, 15 prizes A, 10 prizes B, 5 solutions C and 5 consolation prizes for these Individuals and collectives. Dao District Nghi Xuan district awarded the excellent prize for Nguyen Thi Thu Ha - Thon 4, Xuan Hong commune (left) and Phan Thi Sam - Thon 4, Co Dam commune ..
... awarded 10 prizes A for the candidates to win ... awarded 10 prizes B for candidates ...... and awarded 5 prizes for contestants.

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