Many Moments Often Pass The ‘pn’ Lens

Born and raised in Southern (Uong Bi City), maybe so Nguyen Van Cuong has a rather close art: Cuong 'PN'. In 2002, when 19 years old, Cuong was established by a service job in Cam Pha. Currently, the British spouses are having a store called 'Cuong Hang Photos' on Ba Trieu Street, Cam Dong Ward (Cam Pha City). The "PN" is charming with art photography with burning passion. For the first time participated in the Art Festival 9 of the Red River Delta Province 2019, Cuong "PN" had a "Point of Mine City"

. In 2020, Cuong "PN" won the second prize of the "Vietnam Beauty" photo contest on the people's television with the work of "Moong Mo Mine". In 2021, Cuong continued to succeed in many artwork competitions such as: Bronze medal at Gia Dinh international photo contest with the work "before the day of the strawberry pickup". Art Festival 9 in the Red River Delta, Cuong "PN" has 4 exhibitions
At the contest of the art photo with the theme "Vietnam Minerals - Minerals", Cuong "PN" has 11 exhibitions, including 3 high winning works: "The joy of tan ca" reached Silver medal, "sieve flower house" reached a bronze medal and "Joy of mine technology" won the encouragement prize. However, it only won the area, with a passion, he still tried to find a beautiful moment. Here are some works of "PN", would like to introduce with you to read. "PN". Moong opening hours ", the second prize of the" Vietnam Beauty "photo contest on the People's Television in 2020." Before welcoming strawberry "- Bronze medal in Gia Dinh International Art Photo Contest in 2021." Next Connecting the then "- Consolation prize at the Red River Art Festival in 2021." Joy of Tan Ca "- Silver medal in the contest of artwork" coal smile - Vietnam minerals "." House flowers Sieve "- Bronze medal of the art photo contest with the theme" Vietnam Mineral - Minerals " South "Artist Duong Phuong Dai introduction

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