Many Officials Are Responsible For The Necessity Of The Project ‘northern Flow-2’

According to the Russian Ambassador in the United Kingdom - Andrey Kelin, many officials agreed to appreciate the need for the gas pipeline project 'Northern Flow-2' for the European region.0: 00 / 1: 15 namtheo namtheo Mr. Andrey Kelin, he still has not given any official views related to the project "Northern Flow-2" project, but there are no negative views that exist. Many British and European politicians have begun to appreciate the need for natural gas exploitation, in the context of gradually switching to using all green energy, towards environmental protection. British authorities appreciate the need for the gas pipeline project "Northern Line-2" for the European region (Photo: France 24)

. In fact, to do this, the Country need to work hard to optimize gas pipelines, increase supply, especially gas resources. Besides, Mr. Andrey Kelin also rejected the information of many politicians Forcing Russia, it is impacted that gas prices increase
He added that in the near future, the British government will announce the Russian recognition analysis reports fully adheres to their obligations on gas supply pipes for Europe and analyzing reasons for price increases . First of this month (September 10), Chairman of the Russian Energy Group Gazprom, Alexay Miller announced the construction of the gas pipeline "Northern Line-2" completed, expected to have Can supply to Europe 5.6 billion cubic meters of gas right in 2021./.ctv My Linh / VOV1

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