Many People Keep An Eye On, The Owner Of The Paper Flower Tree ‘shout’ Costs Vnd 7 Billion

Although the value of unverified paper flowers is actually 7 billion or not, everyone must acknowledge that it's so beautiful and impressed. This paper flower is one of the beautiful and brilliant flower trees. Choose to grow ornamental ornamental plants at the gate or the porch. Because of the common levels where their prices are quite affordable. However, there are no little paper flowers costing up to hundreds of millions, even billion because of their strange and rare levels of trees

. Paper flowers are "shouted" price of 7 billion new, in the clip that is attracting the attention of the netizens, a paper flower tree shouted by the owner of up to 7 billion dong makes many people surprised at the same size.00: 00/00 : 23 Flower paper Price 7 BillionIn clip, this paper flower tree has a special curing body, flower blooms into the pink beam of the yard, even turning to the trees because it grows climb the roof part, It is estimated that tens of meters. Screenshot
Italian, the voice of a woman is said to be the owner of a paper flower tree shared: "Currently, this tree is also in sight of many people. If you sell, it is 7 billion She sold. "When asked for a real or joking again, the woman insisted:" Thus, the reason why the paper flower tree is so crisis because now there are many people who are eyeing it. Screenshot. Clip only after a day received hundreds of thousands of cards and comments. Most of them are depicted, and rubbing about beautiful paper flowers. "Beautiful tenthing of billion money". "The tree is like this 7 billion asia? Tens of billions are few, not to say 7 billion". " The enthusiast is 10 billion They are also willing to pay. Where to find such a tree like this
Baby tree is more than 3-4 billion. This tree climbed to the roof, turning the camera forever, sometimes it must take the Flycam to first admire, 7 billion worthwhile ". The opinion is that the video has sounded into the sound, but there are no paper trees worth a few houses like such. Screenshot.Theo Learn, the real voice in the clip is not talking about paper flower trees that are talking about another ornamental plant, a bonsai holding a record of Vietnam. In fact, many trees Paper flowers are a few billion billion dong have been shared before. Specifically, last year, Dan Tri newspaper used to have a post about the "unique unique" paper flower in Vietnam with billions of dong called "Van Hoa Floor". According to the owner of the paper flower "Van Hoa" , the old owner of the tree is an artisan in Da Lat, but he has never intended to sell. After many times to play and persuade, know the giants Phan Van Toan (also known as the entire dollar, in Phu Tho) who love the paper flower so he nodded to agree to sell. "Price when buying people often Hide, but this tree has to say is unique in Vietnam (TA PAPER), so the price is very expensive. Paying a paper flower tree for VND 2 billion in Vietnam or in the world is also very rare "- holder Sharing trees. This paper flower "Van Hoa" is known, the giant must spend 2.8 billion dong possessing this paper flower tree. It is worth mentioning, to persuade the old owner to sell it, Mr. Toan has spent many years of persistence talking. According to Phu Tho land giant, it is possible to "Van Hoa" with a hundreds of years old. hunters and ready to "play big", agreement with him changing both billions of money to pick up the flower tree. Red, pink, orange, lemon yellow, white are the main colors of 5 color paper Many hunters, willing to pay billions of money. (According to businesses and marketing)

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