Many Tourists Are Afraid Of The French Capital For The Mysterious ‘paris’ Syndrome

Many foreign tourists insisted that they will never return to the capital of France after visiting this place because they are shocked with 'Paris'.0.0: 00/3/3: 18 nam nam names with the name of the economy , Paris is one of the most famous tourist destinations of France. Paris always carries a luxurious beauty, elegant with artistic structures and subtle and luxurious dishes. Guests can visit Khai Hoan Mon, Notre Dame Church of Paris, Eiffel Tower, Picasso Museum, Holy Huge Heart Temple or Georges Pompidou Center,

... and many other attractive tourist destinations here
However with a few visitors, Paris became a nightmare because they had "Paris Syndrome". This is a rare disease, only happening with some people when visiting the capital of France. People with this syndrome will have extremely uncomfortable expressions such as dizziness, sweating, heart beating fast, seeing illusion, mood become bad, loss of feeling. Some are also illusions to see their own abuse causing their body tired and sad. There are even cases of hospitalization of treatment in a large affected health status. According to statistics, Japanese tourists are the groups that are greatly influenced by Paris syndrome. Since 1998 - 2004, 63 Japanese patients must be recorded for hospitalization due to strange syndrome. After receiving treatment, the patient recovered quickly. Stress of this incident, scientists have embarked on research to find out the cause of Paris syndrome. Some experts given the factors that cause this disease may be exhaustion after a long flight, deviation of time or overwork, stress on business trips
.. more Paris on days Low moisture rain, gloomy will have nothing like the bright, poetic images like in the romantic movies we are watching. Also, different from movies or novels, the travelers are sometimes Facials with "complexes" as professional service officers or criminals hook bags can appear at any time. The pocket in Paris was so bad that the Louvre museum was in 2013 to strike to ask the Paris government to add police to protect visitors. Many Japanese visitors said they didn't want to go back to Paris for the dream about Their light of their light turned into "nightmare" when meeting rude taxi drivers or served "Paris" took as shouted at the face just because they didn't speak French. Even the Japanese Embassy in Paris had to deal with a doctor and nurse to the same trip to monitor the health for 4 visitors flying from Paris back to Japan because they were shocked by "Paris Syndrome" in 2006 . "Paris syndrome" by Mr. Hirook Ota, Japanese Psychiatrist is working in France, discovered for the first time in about 20 years ago. On average every year, about 12 Japanese tourists become victims of this rare syndrome, mainly women over 30 years old. They were disappointed and shocked psychology because they expected too much when they first arrived in Paris. "Japan and France are two completely different cultures. There are many evidence to see the adaptation to life when The more difficult to export when the "cultural distance" between homeland and the higher the land, the higher the land, "said Doctor of Psychology Nicolas Geerert at Essex University, England said. All the above with the language barrier Make guests fall into unparalleled disappointment and accidentally increase stress. However, only a small proportion of visitors encountered Paris syndrome so it does not greatly affect millions of tourism lovers around the world. There are many people who want to go to the PARIS capital of Hoa Le to have interesting travel experiences.Minh Hoa (T / H)

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