Many Us Diplomatic Employees Are Entering Their Phones With Israeli Software

At least 9 US Foreign Affairs employees using the iPhone phone have been unknown by an unknown person attacking with NSO manufacturing software in Israeli. Simulate a smartphone with a website NSO's company currently on the screen. Photo: Reuters REUTERS quotes four familiar characters with consecutive things or attacks in the past few months and aimed at US diplomats working in Uganda or related to East Africa This. The first time was recorded in Uganda, which was the US official's phone attack through the NSO's Pegasus software most widely discovered. Previously, the list of potential goals in which some US officials appeared when the media reported to Pegasus, but it was not clear whether the intrusion was successful

. This information, NSO representative said the company does not have any signs that their tools have been used in the latest phone attack series, but they canceled access to guests Relevant goods and will conduct an investigation based on REUTERS.NSO reports for a long time to sell only technology products for customers in the field of intelligence and law enforcement to help them monitor the risks of about Security, in addition not directly involved in follow-up campaigns. Uganda Embassy in Washington and Apple representatives declined to comment on the above incident
However, last month, the US Department of Commerce decided to bring Israeli technology company to the entities list, making US companies restricted to cooperation. According to Reuters, NSO software is not only capable of recording Re-encoded messages, photos and other sensitive information of the phone infected with the virus but also turn them into a recording device to monitor the surrounding environment. Apple's report sends to users The affected did not name the author of the spyware used in the invasion of this phone. However, the two sources said Apple sent notice to customers in many countries, including these American citizens and easily identify them as government employees because the email address associated with their Apple ID has the's most from February 2021, Apple's software error has formed a vulnerability Some users of NSO technology won iPhone smartphone control just by sending a "invisible" request via IMessage message. The victims k The hips are seen and do not need to interact with this order so that the invasion occurs successfully. Soon, the versions of NSO Pegasus monitoring software will be installed in the victim's phone.Apple sent notifications to customers last week, the same day the company submitted a NSO, accused public This company facilitates Apple's iOS operating systems
In a public feedback, NSO said their technology helps prevent terrorism and they have installed many control measures to limit Purpose purposes monitoring innocent targets. For example, NSO said their intrusion system cannot operate on the phone with the US number starting with the country code 1.But two sources said in In Uganda, the US Foreign Ministry employees are targeted using the iPhone registered with a foreign phone number, no US country code. American. Trang Trang / Newspaper News

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