Many Vietnamese Facebook Accounts Can Be Locked Up For A Sensitive Clip

Late on August 17, thousands of Facebook accounts in Vietnam suddenly locked due to 'Violation of Community Standards'.0: 00/1: 49 NAMWHI send a notice to the account to the user, Facebook only As if these users have "violated community standards", but not specifying any specific terms or policies, this makes many Facebook users feel confusing and unseptic Because of the account locked in a way in a way, Vietnam Facebook account can be locked because it is a sensitive clip. Learn, who are locked with Facebook account because of a "sensitive" video About children. Then, on August 16, a video recorded the "sensitive" action of children about 10 years old, was spread and shared on social networks. In particular, those Facebook users have shared this video again in any way (even when sharing via personal messages) are handled and locked by Facebook

. Japan, who specializes in supporting Facebook services, in just about 2 hours, my team has received more than 100 requirements for support because Facebook locks the account. All locked accounts have shared a minor's depraved clips via Facebook and recent Messenger. The Facebook community is forbidden to spread nudity images adults and sexual activity, according to Article 14, Section III
In addition, Facebook also stressed the protection of minors in Article 26, Section VI in this platform community standard. These people received this notice will have a period of 30 days to protest the decision Facebook and if not approved, their account will be permanently locked. Those after locking the account will disappear completely on Facebook, meaning friends and other users will no longer find information And their personal page on Facebook. Messaging history between locked accounts and their friends are also completely deleted. These users cannot continue using Facebook, which must create and log in to another account using temporarily.

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