Mariah Carey Was Brewed By His Brother To The Court Because Of “true News”

The Diva's brother said she wanted to deal with and deliberately caused others to hurt. Page Six Tell, Morgan Carey - Female Brother Diva Mariah Carey has filed a lawsuit for bringing wrong information. Specifically, the American manufacturer sued Mariah to court after the female singer confirmed that the brother violently violently day in the memoirs of Meaning of Mariah Carey. In it, Morgan criticized her sister as "who likes to cause things, or virtuous hatred, slightly drinking". In the application of Manhattan court, Morgan wrote: "It's irony when I heard her Inspiration for young people in trouble, not smearing me

. Who believes these words are coming from a woman who gaps with drinking, many controversial problems I can't say ". The female Diva also wondered why the sister did not mention that he overcome the cerebral cerebral, severe economic animation, if her true purpose was inspiring to young people. "That shows that there is no inspiration here
She just wants to sell books, raise yourself. That's wrong and hurt me," Morgan said .organ said the public Not strange that the female singer often warns Hollywood stars, typically Jennifer Lopez, Eminem, Madonna and Christina Aguilera. "Time will prove it all. His humiliation with family and colleagues will be given light". However, the representative of Mariah Carey responds to the lawsuit, confirming the female singer only "said The truth "With the purpose of inspiring young people in trouble. It is known that the famous Diva female is also waiting for the court day after being sued by Alison Carey sister with a slander slander .Khanh Ngoc - CTV

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