Marriage Agreement Of Trieu Dinh And Thieu Phong Is Braked, Revealing Many Unexpected Details

It turns out that Trieu Quan has to accept a marriage agreement signed with Phung Thieu Phong.0: 00/2: 27 namsau when declaring divorce in April this year, Trieu Le Dinh and Phung Thao Phong will promise Teach children together. However, it is known that the child lives completely with the domestic family in Shanghai, there is no fair feeling as the two people shared earlier. Don't have a lot of rumors around this, many He said that the session of Trieu Quan did not want to raise children because of his job, aura. Or many people criticize that Trieu Quan completely can afford to feed the baby, why did she not do so

. 4 months since the marriage of the two artists broke still there are many sentences Other seals that the audience hasn't known. Most recently, the story of the Marriage Agreement of Trieu Le Dinh and Phung Phong has a defeat. When knowing this, the audience will grasp the truth of the case, about the reason behind the departure is not allowed to raise their children
It turns out to the girl before now always suffering from disadvantages, netizens uttered: Phung Thieu Phong is not worthy of being a husband before getting up before getting married, Phung Thieu Phong has asked million shares to sign a recording agreement Clearly: "After divorce, the children will be taken care of by the husband and raising their husbands. In addition, the wife's side will not receive any assets." After knowing about this truth, many people feel sewing Fortunately, Trieu Quan was divorced because her ex-husband herself was not worthy of men. After the divorce she didn't ask himself, she loved her own, beautiful, good and rich to make other girls jealous. Not to raise children but Trieu Quan still regularly about Shanghai to visit the baby. The sharp and career are increasingly promoted, Does the Leather side feel regretful to break up with Trieu Tam? Reality, after Biopsy, Trieu Quan has ensured the responsibility of a wife, a good mother. She loved her job, wanting to develop the acting career but didn't mean she couldn't do a good job of raising children. But perhaps everyone looks out the difference between the two sides. Trieu Quan is a girl born in normal countryside, hardworking effort to get the position as today. A relative body how to fight with the old clan of the old husband of Thieu Phong
Furning the past Phung Thieu Phong Every disclosure will ask the qualifications, "I really like you or I just want to Is your girlfriend, get married and with you? " This makes netizens feel domineering, not nice. Only unfortunately, the severe depletion is too much. If it looks at the current divorce of Trieu Dinh Dinh and Thieu Phong, this is a new start to be a sad tragic story. Trieu Dinh is living very well, it is self-regaining what missed in the years of marriage has not yet been done. Wish them will be happy with their new life.

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