Marriage Of Chinese Idols And Ceo Entertainment Company

Jiang Nhi and Lower God loves each other for nearly 3 years before going home. The ceremony of the stars held on September 9 / reported on the morning of September 10, Ha Thong posted a series of photos in the marriage with his girlfriend - the female goddess Jiang of the pediatric scene took place at 9/9. "Thank you for the blessings of relatives, friends and audiences. Our couple has completed his dream kissing", Lower Spirit

.Theo 163, the wedding ceremony of children and the gods are held At a 5-star hotel. The entire wedding party space and the Ceremony area are decorated with the color of the children who love the children. fairy tail
According to QQ, the love of the children and the spirit lasts for nearly 3 years before going to the house. After 2 weeks, they registered to marry, becoming a legal couple.Theo Sina, Lower the singer, rapper, choreography and famous art director in showbiz in Chinese language. Currently, he is the CEO of the World Cultural Media Co., Ltd. Zhenwu Beijing.Giang Yi born in 1993. She stepped into the showbiz at the age of 22 as the captain of the UME band. In 2018, Jiang Nhi Joined the show to select Creative Idol 101 with Ngo Khuyen, strongly, but not debuted. After the program, the career of the beauty has no signs of prosperity
Sina, Weibo

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