Maserati Mc20 Supercar First Appeared In Vietnam

Maserati's new sports supercar sample was taken to Vietnam's private importer in Vietnam 9: 00/3: 00 Southern region on November 26, the first Maserati MC20 in Vietnam was a private dealer Multiplication of supercar business in Ho Chi Minh City Cong Khui At Cat Lai Port, Thu Duc City. It was about March 2021, Maserati MC20 was launched in Thailand. This is also the first market in Southeast Asia where this supercar model is distributed genuine. In the Thai market, MC20 has a range of nearly $ 700,000. The first Maserati MC20 image in Vietnam is public opposite on November 26

. Photo: Nguyen Duc.Che Maserati MC20 to Vietnam owns the striking gold paint, accompanied by carbon fiber details to create highlights and contribute to reducing the overall mass of the vehicle. It is unclear the option of the tray and the interior on this MC20
MC20 is a model that marks the return in Maserati's supercar segment after many years of absence. Accordingly, the MC was abbreviated from Maserati Corse - the high-performance car manufacturing department of Italy, and No. 20 took from 2020 to mark its important milestones. Cars carrying the middle engine configuration, competing with cult cultists like Lamborghini, Ferrari or McLaren.mc20 is a model marking the return in Maserati's supercar segment after many years of absence. Photo: Netcarshow. The design of MC20 is inspired by 2005 MC12 model. The first part of the car does not pit and angular as common supercar samples, instead of exquisite and elegant lines. Grilles, front bumper and headlights still carry Maserati's characteristic design. The tailplates in the tail are the familiar triangular lights of Maserati
The two exhaust pipes are arranged above the following diffusion. Photo: netcarshow. Although not equipped with a big wind wing behind, MC20 possesses aerodynamic details around the car, providing a low bumpy coefficient and produces a lot of force on the road surface when operating. Maserati's ventricle MC20 carries minimalist designs in combination with sports style. The central control cluster does not have multiple buttons, steering wheels with racing cars and carbon fiber cladding with Alcantara leather, large size switch and digital speed screen with 10 inches. Maserati MC20 has a minimalist design that combines with sports style. Photo: netcarshow. Sports design sitting and integrating heating function. Backrest and cushion are decorated with striped lines, on headrests with embroidery Maserati logo. Entertainment system on MC20 is also an interesting point, including Maserati Connect connection cluster, Mia entertainment cluster and touch screen 10 inches. Functions for users include Wifi connection Internet connection, Alexa virtual assistant, smartphone connection, navigation positioning ... providing power for Maserati MC20 is the V6 engine block, capacity 3.0L, double turbocharger, producing capacity up to 620 horsepower and maximum torque 730 nm. In particular, this engine is developed by Maserati itself, different from the current Maserati models of capital using the engine from Ferrari. Yes, MC20 is capable of accelerating 0-100 km / h under 2.9 seconds and. The maximum speed reaches 325 km / h. The car has 5 driving modes including GT, WET, Sport, Corsa and Esc off. The price in the US of this Italian supercar is about 310,600 USD. Currently, the selling price of MC20 in Vietnam has not been announced and predicted at about VND 15-20 billion. According to Mr. Xuan / Zing

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