Master Life With Ethnic And Monk

Dimes and Tri Tuttle are also called hygienic, infidelihood, less desirable with things that are not available, out of reach, pleased, know enough with what they are. Seeing minimalism and Tri Tuc is a livable psychological form, capable of helping people have a gentle life, avoiding ambitions, jealousy, envy, disputes and suffering in daily life. Dimensions and monks are not a way of living the edge, limiting human needs and slowing down the society's progress. If the desire is legitimate, the desire to be practical, suitable for each person's ability, Buddhism is always encouraging and respectful. Conventional vulnerability and practical people who want to be less wanted and know enough is restraint to preserve Give the mind to craving when the senses come into contact with the external ceiling

. Holding the mathematical mind for Few February is siege around, less desirable and knowing enough for property, beauty, fame, eating, and sleeping. Help people solve stability of material demand in life, but it does not solve the spiritual difficulties. But not therefore, it is important to watch the property, important is our attitude and how to use it for reasonable
, Diseases, death should be beautiful despite the splendid, it will fall in five months. So in the form of external form, we are not too attached to the extent to spend all the effort and money for care, just how to see it easily. Because the value of the human is a good length of life with the mind without anger, happily sociable with everyone around. Express success in life. Each person who lives in a lifetime has a trademark, orientation. There are no evil professions on this life, except for unwholesome things, bringing themselves, harming people, harming both. So, be absolutely to your position, go up with a pressure, do not expect high-legal rights apart from your ability. People who work without their own interests will be high. So the purpose of eating is to nurture and develop the body, restore strength. Today, excessive consumption of nutrients has become the cause of many diseases, at risk of affecting health
The Buddha taught about how to eat to be good for the following health: People often mindfulness are eaten, know how to make ink, feel strong and slow, long life 1.- Know enough in sleeping. In the important needs of human life, have a health recovery effect after tired work time. But sleeping too much will make people become passive, lazy, and obstacles to practice. Want to succeed, achieve the aspirations in life, we must know the preparation, minimize sleep sleep, take the time for jobs to benefit themselves and people. Can see, the practice of living And Tri Tuc does not have to removal of all dreams, but this method helps us understand the danger of five sex to keep stopping at the right time. Don't let the lust in people silently grow up, because of the greater craving, the mind doesn't know enough, so it's hard to walk out of that quagmire. Once you have practiced odens and tri tutorials in a homogeneous way, even if we live in any circumstances we also own their lives. Take the practice of life and knowledge of happiness with what we have. They strive in their own ability and force. Less people want and know enough to be considered the richest people in the world, they don't need to be a lot of aim to aim for their own benefits. God is one of the obstacles, making people feel like they don't What to learn anymore. Learn vulgarism and monks, deducting proud minds in the Buddha. From the time of life was the prince, until the enlightened level, he never revealed arrogance, arrogance: "It is very rare, Bach The Ton! It is magic, Bach The Ton! Like such a hybrid, such monk, seriously so serious; While the hybrid has such a great force, there is such a powerful force, without revealing itself. Bach The Ton, if there is a foreigner, he sees himself with the oil only one France, they have raised the flags (empty). "- Not to desire to bind the mind in life, much We suffer because of the lack of the desire too much. That, it was a person who had to strive to strive to build his life more complete, but it is important to have a clear attitude, knowing the stops of the needs. No desire to bind the soul, we must know the control

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