Material Industry With Open Decisions

Passing 50 years directly participating in revolutionary activities and labor contributing to society, there are more than half the time of the Minister of Materials (now the Ministry of Industry and Trade) Nguyen Van Khiem working in the field of supplies Trade Sector. What he always enjoys and thinks that there is always important meaning in every historical period, every industry, every victory of each fate, it is' Art uses talented people. Specialization of supplies, before becoming a Deputy Minister, Mr. Nguyen Van Lien was appointed as director, General Director in 3 business units, which was Hoa Binh Material Company, Material Company Ha Son Binh, Da Nang Material Company. It is worth interesting in all three units that are in the process of inspection with many wrong cases

. And after the inspection ended, the total of all three units had nearly 60 officials, from the chief, deputy department to the director, the General Director was dealt with with different levels and forms of discipline or prosecuted .Inghia Deputy Minister remembers: "Real animal, when not falling units, only through the record of a record seen the" crush "unit both in terms of silhouettes and literally, both in place and business activities, me Overwhelmed the night of insomnia, how much worries, tired, even when he gave a retreat thought. Then do not know if there must be "charming" with negative removal or not that all three "points" units, I have completed the mission "
Special thing is, at all 3 units, you They reused the remaining staff without afraid of what the problem of "stringed" "wire". That is the art of using people, must know how to use the right person, aspiration, even if it is less powerful Most still have strong points, a leader who looks out to wake up the strengths, it is a good leader. The fast business I went up to overcome the usual love emotions of a normal person. The steps of appeal from the renovation period, the material industry had very steps Daring. In 1986, the material industry has a scheme "ensures the proactive rights of establishments in business, supplying materials" and "Material Economic Strategy in the next 15 years" and regulations and innovation circulation Supplies and rearrange the material trading system. Also during this time submitted the unified state of price management, limiting the use of "hard price" to replace with the "price frame" process, "ceiling price", "floor price". To expand autonomy Business establishments, the Ministry of Materials have allowed units under business diversification, expanding business autonomy, diversifying items. State supplies authorize the distribution materials and ministries to decentralize the corporations and peered companies, directly under the Ministry. Business diversification, strong decentralization for the lower meaning, resolving life for employees in the context of daily escalating prices and residual laborers, and preparing for enterprises to step into the market mechanism. Items of diverse businesses are proactively valued and actively traded with customers, regardless of economic sectors and administrative boundaries, being "commercially accounted Commercial "distribution of income according to business efficiency
Right from the early years of the renovation period, the Ministry of Supplied Materials has proposed a BBT for the goods industry corporations directly imported. Should be familiar with all of us, but in the 1985 - 1990s did it not easy. Those know how success must overcome difficulties and sometimes it is very expensive. "That's right. The time has faded the event, how many thoughts think of the day of the day. However, in the mosaic center of the past 90-year-old officer in charge of the supplies of the Ministry of Supplies then this is the Ministry of Industry and Trade, it has never relieved the lessons learned from reality. For him, it will forever be truth in life, or at least becoming a necessary factor and enough for us to continue thinking, finding the road to the busy steps, continues to spend the industry .

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