Mattana Antibacterial Fabric Mask – Meaningful Gift In The Epidemic Period

During the epidemic period, the mask became an unfriendly object for people every time she worked or when it comes to public places. When wearing, the mask needs to ensure the cover from the nose to the end of the chin area The medical page is recommended for medical doctors, head officers for the prevention of epidemic, the antibacterial cloth masks are strongholds that prevent the risk of effective risk of infection for almost every people and office workers . Can reuse, high efficiency in prevention and prevention of epidemics with medical masks, Mattana antibacterial cloth masks can completely use many times but still achieve high efficiency in prevention and compartment Preventing infectious diseases in the community. The antibacterial fabric product of Mattana is also widely exported in many countries in the world such as Japan, USA, Europe .

.. because the unique feature can be reusable 30 times (after each enclosure is washed with soap water). This is the absolute advantage of antibacterial fabric masks compared to the t Medical roasting, because it can only be used only once - both wasted, both harmful to the natural environment
The fabric page can be reused up to 30 times, environmentally friendly Many feedback Coming from customers who have used Mattana antibacterial fabrics shows the experience when wearing Mattana fabric masks in 8 hours of continuous work is extremely comfortable, because the material absorbs sweat extremely good and There is a breath when wearing a long time. Also, people wearing fabric masks look much more fashionable and styled than using other medical masks. How can fabric masks properly? with Many advantages are like above, can see antibacterial cloth masks are widely used in daily life, however, how many canvas masks are properly? Accordingly, before wearing a mask, need corpses Orientation wearing exactly the mask. Usually, an antibacterial fabric mask will be designed so that the surface part has a wish In order to limit the ability of the shot droplets to stick to the fabric layer. To check the exact direction to wear a mask, you can fold the page in half and spread down the flat surface. The true face-like mask will be like the image of Minh Dasuis when determining exactly wearing wear, start wearing a cloth mask on your face. You need to perform the operations so that the mask can be pressed close to the nose lives and Cover the whole chin on the face. This will help block the droplets that can be slipped through the masks and enters the respiratory system in your body. With Mattana antibacterial cloth masks, you should wash gently by hand, not Pages into the washing machine. You can use fragrant soap or bactericidal hand sanitizer to clean the mask (foaming hand sanitizer, not a water or dry hand washing gel to wash)
Italy does not soak a long-lasting platform in hot water because Fabric yarn will be exposed for a long time, causing antibacterial chemicals to escape from the fiber structure, losing the antibacterial feature of the fabric mask. After washing, should be troubled in the shade, avoiding direct drying Under the sun by UV rays from sunlight can affect antimicrobial chemicals on the fabric surface. If you have any questions or have the product order, please contact Hotline: 0983441567Dan Le

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