Maverick Vinales Riders Were Named Yamaha Because Of ‘car Breaking’

MotoGP racer - Maverick Vinales of the Yamaha team recently been bricked from the list of competitions for his death 'break' his YZR-M1 racing car at the end of the day of August 8 / 2021.0: 00 / 1: 59 NAM NAM0000: 00/02: 35 Nearly, a series of news of MotoGP racing has shocked shock with fans when Valentino Rossi (VR46) - the famous racer of the Yamaha racing team announced the retired This tournament after season 2021. Recently, more information about the Yamaha race team also makes many people think this is a pretty "black" season for this team when Maverick Vinales is deceived from the exam list At the top of the racetrack Maverick Vinales raced from the list of racetracks participating in the MotoGP racing race. Then Yamaha racing team gave an official announcement about Vinales to stop temporarily. The cause of the guidance of this driver has had non-"green" behaviors on the racetrack at the previous 8/8 race

. After this incident, the media representative of the MotoGP race said: "Yamaha's conclusion is some action on this race of Maverick Vinales capable of causing significant damage to the motorcycle block YZR-M1. These behaviors can cause serious risks and accidents on the racetrack. "The movements at the 8/8 race showed that Vinales and Yamaha YZR-M1 cars were dead before the round Starting start and this racer was forced to put the car out of the track to restart the car
After that, Vinales was punished by 15 rounds and lagged behind his opponents.Maverick Vinales did not fulfill the race on August 8 earlier. Come to the last race, seemingly This racer has poured angry on the car and according to some technical information, the car was forced to work too safely. According to conjecture, the racer was unhappy about his car and deliberately pressed the throttle for the car to act too capacity. However, if Vinales appeared in this weekend or not, we still have to wait for Yamaha's final decision.

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