Max Verstappen Lifting Cup At Home

It took 36 years, the new Zandvoort racecourse had the first time immersed in the festival atmosphere of the F1 race. More specifically, their 'children' racers also stepped on the highest position on Podium.verstappen podium to the root at home. (Photo: F1) Zandvoort was in the orange orange racetrack Zandvoort on Sunday crowded cheering of passionate fans and burning orange-colored flares like the air bustling football party. In the practice and qualifying sessions, there are six red flags that have been fluttering but are lucky when the race has overcome the first rounds without any big incident

. No. 1, Verstappen has quickly entered The match, continuously increasing the distance with the opponent ranked after Lewis Hamilton to three seconds when he turned into the 10th round of the two of the two people not only happening on the track. The clock also pointed out that Hamilton lost 3
6 seconds at PIT while Verstappen costs only 2.7 seconds. After changing the tire, the excellence of the host country riders was clearly shown when he passed Bottas in the 30th round to regain the lead position. This is considered as an important milestone as the foundation to help Verstappen to ensure the victory. After 72 laps, Verstappen won the first trophy at home. This is also the seventh victory in 2021 and helping the Dutch boy rise to the top of the rankings with three differences. "It is an unbelievable feeling when winning the fans, and especially the king and the members of the Netherlands Royal Family. People always put a high expectation, want you to win but that has never been a simple job. I won the Pole, getting a favorable start and successfully holding the distance so they can't take it down. Lewis really put great pressure
He had great crabs but the most satisfying was to race 72 rounds in the Netherlands and bring this victory to all fans, "Verstappen said. Zandvoort races are filled with orange and cheering The audience.Mercedes Luc Luan Turbed internally? The German racing team brought Hamilton to Pit logically, then did everything to help him return to the second place to compete with Verstappen. However, people racers He was unhappy with the strategy of Mercedes when continuing to use the medium tire set in the remaining rounds. He constantly complained about his tire status. When the race was only 10 rounds, the distance between him and The host country riders rose back at four seconds. Hamilton understood that the opportunity to win closed and now the only thing to do is to win the Fastest-lap score .Although so, when Bottas was taken to PIT In the 67th round, suddenly happened. Although it is asked to try not to run too fast on the soft tire, Swedish racer has ignored that advice when he won Fastest-lap in round 70. Therefore, Hamilton had to replace tires again in the 71 round and set up the fastest round in the last leg. This is also the reason why he is less than Verstappen until 20 seconds of reaching the destination. The end of the race, Bottas confirmed with the media that no thing he did not follow the command of the team. Small incidents in the 70s have raised concerns when constantly having information about Mercedes to contact George Russell to replace Bottas's position in 2022. "I'm really just playing a little. Lewis Obviously need another point, because he is fighting for the world championship. I also know Lewis will go to Pit and can completely win Fastest-lap so this is nothing unexpectedly. with private Way a team, we are trying to win the maximum point, "Bottas shared. In Hamilton, he affirmed:" This is not really important and if Bottas get Fastest-lap is also normal because of the team We need as much points as possible. I don't even know Bottas who have returned to Pit and I also choose Pit because I need to add points. I decided and everything was fine ".hamilton about pit in the ring 71 and win the Fastest-lap in the round 72. Hamilton and Bottas won the next two positions on Podium. Pierre Gasly has shown a great performance when going to the goal in fourth by holding the Ferrari Leclerc racer. With the Red Bull team, Sergio Perez had a spectacular afternoon compared to any racer. He climbed from 19th place in the eighth destination, thereby winning the title of Driver of the Day. In the first Dutch Grand Prix Prize since 1985, Verstappen led from Pole, winning after 72 rounds around the road. Race Zandvoort, to bring about the seventh trophy in the season. The Dutch riders also rose to lead the rankings when more than Hamilton three points after this race. Local fans also had the opportunity to celebrate the first F1 victory of the Dutch racer on the home. Therefore, it was a duplicated joy for Verstappen when he raised the trophy on the podium podium, in front of the orange smoke with the bustling applause. Next weekend, F1 will take place in Italy on the Monza race from 10 to 12 / 9.minh Phu

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