Max Verstappen Won At The Belgium Gp ‘thanks’ Rain

On the morning of August 30 (Vietnam Time), the F1 racer won at the Belgium GP (Belgium race of F1 racing) only after 2 lapses. The organizers decided to get riders back into the garage to ensure safety. Although it was very careful, Sergio Perez still had a collision, luck with the Red Bull racing team responding promptly.Max Verstappen won at the Belgium GP stage after only 2 rounds. Heavy rain caused the official races to not be able to take place, forcing the organizers to use the results of the previous class racing day to calculate the achievement for the riders

. Then Verstappen, George Russell and Lewis Hamilton in the second turn As the right position of their starting, and the remaining order of the race. Verstappen is calculated 12.5 points for this race because racing with a minimum of 2 rounds
The heavy rain caused the organizational committee to give the riders back to the garage to ensure the safety. Winning on the race in his hometown that just ran 2 laps, at the same time Belgium GP also went into F1 history as the shortest race. The biggest regretful at this event is probably the audience When many people have to wait 3h immediately but withdrawal only witnesses a unlockable race. Many viewers try to linger for hours to get first seen this race but cannot climb the cliff To look forward to the performance of the riders but the weather has not let them satisfy

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