May 11 Days: Case Of Kha Ngan, Thanh Son ‘wild Girl’ Saw Clear, His Best Friend

In the clip '11 May 'episode 23, post' Safe '(Thanh Son) and Long' streaming '(Trung Too) (Trung Too) wholeheartedly supports pediatric wisdom (Kha Ngan) and Thuc Anh (Luong Thanh) .0: 00/2: 32 NAM11 May May increasingly received many children's favorites by attractive content, the cast with beautiful appearance and good acting. The preview May 11, the day of episode 23 has just been revealed that many viewers laugh when their daughters are "safe" (Thanh Son) and Long "Middle" (Trung Too). each other is the reluctant rescue under the pool, posting disease. Pediatrics (Kha Ngan) worriedly asked his health situation, received the answer: "Long" stabilizes "says that drawing

. Little sweat is out of it, it's okay." While Pediatric insight gently placed her hand on posted forehead to check if he had a fever or not, he went in. Long "stupid" - Thuc Anh stood in front of this emotional excessive action of Pediatric and posted "safe"
Posting to apply for a job but suddenly appears to ruin the conversation of pediatric wisdom. Nam Chính was angry: "Obviously he bought Pho, buy medicine for me today just because a old guy wearing a vest to go to the car, do you have a voice like this? Why is the same investor together, For people, she is gentle and gentle. For me ... "It is wrathful because of" breaking the game "in the middle but the Pediatric Pedago is quick to happily because when it comes to posting it is understood. Italy invested in her Café project. Di, posted to earn money to buy a house to pick her away. And pediatric wisdom has the past, business is lossy. Posting hours for investment for pediatric wisdom are no different from venture capital
Netizens are not excited to be posted by posting "foolish" but when they vibrate before a person, they often want to support the person unconditionally, it is easy to understand. At that time, the best friend of post - long " "Always running along and taking care of him even though she was carrying a child of others. Long spent a large amount of money to buy strawberries for him. She was excited that she did not dare to eat this expensive fruits. It's honestly answered: "I bought your baby in my stomach, but I have to buy it for me. My grandson, is to eat flowers The most expensive fruits, wearing the most beautiful suits in this world. The day before, I didn't drink pomegranate juice, I had to invite the guy. Today, I don't eat anymore, I have to invite it. " Long's sincerity caused him to smile. Does you open your gift to receive Long's gift? Although others can Bao Long "foolish girls" should volunteer "shells", he himself only wants to take good care of his mother and children. 11 May broadcast at 21h40 from Monday to Things 4 on VTV3 channel. Lam Lam (photo cut from the clip)

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