May 11, Which Episode 20: How Do You Know What Kind Of People?

May 11, the day of episode 20, Thuc Anh is very calm, do not want to pay Dung. This makes pediatric wisdom quite uncomfortable.0 pm / 1: 32 nam11 southern days of 5 days of episode 20, he wants to forgive "Department of Khanh". 11 May Episode 20, Children think those Nhu Dung had to handle his own, not to look forward to seeing a report. "You are far away

...", Pediatric insight told him
As the insider but she is not impatient to avenge. She said that no matter what she was loved and now the father of the child. Thuc Anh wanted forgiveness to the Dung would be the last thing she made himself on yesterday. Children sighed with Thuc's thought. She felt he felt he was very "like" and it wouldn't seem to don't want to get his hands on this. Through his mother and he seemed to have accepted so that his daughter became a single mother. When he saw him cry and cry, "I want, your child will be a baby always happy," Ms. Van encouraged: "How to cry? My house is anchored, the more babies do I have, right? Three grandchildren, my parents lived together happily. "In other movements, Nhi confided to posting because he was not weak or foolish because of love. In fact, Thuc Anh wants to do everything for his children
This made children think about his late mother and seemed to understand what kind of suffering of his mother. "Looks like any mother. They are not stupid, they choose their children. My mother, maybe a mother like that.

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